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Professional Overhead Crane Manufacturer

Aicrane has been making sustainable progress and driving positive changes. Customers turn to Aicrane to help them develop infrastructure, energy and natural resource assets. With 2018 sales and revenues of $48.021 million, Aicrane is the world`s leading supplier of heavy-duty, light-duty cranes, industrial cranes and homemade cranes, double girder and single girder bridge cranes.

The company principally operates its main overhead bridge crane products at home and abroad. Overhead bridge cranes prices: it is a complex thing to price an overhead bridge crane. That is because many factors should be considered in addition to the lifting machine itself. Sometimes customers may not have enough budgets to buy a new overhead crane, so they may intend to buy the cheap bridge crane instead of taking the quality into first consideration.

It is sensible for you to calculate an overhead bridge crane evaluate which is very important for you to make a reasonable budget on it.  Aicrane overhead bridge crane machinery shall always manufacture cost-effective cranes with best-optimized designs for customers around the globe.

overhead bridge crane structure
overhead bridge crane structure

What types of overhead bridge crane can Aicrane offer for you?

Main overhead crane kits include heavy duty bridge cranes, light-duty cranes, single girder cranes, double girder cranes, etc. Or any other types of customized overhead bridge cranes.  Overhead Bridge Crane Catalogue: Structural Overhead Bridge Cranes Cranes; workshop bridge crane; Light Duty Crane; Overhead Bridge Crane with Different Capacities; Aicrane Featured Overhead Bridge Crane Products. Detailed information is as follows. 

Structural Overhead Bridge Cranes 

This series of overhead bridge cranes are classified as their different structures, which generally include single girder cranes and double girder types. Specifically, since application and capacities difference, there are also the double girder EOT cranes, single girder EOT cranes, European standard double girder and single girder cranes, and the grab overhead double girder cranes, etc. any type of overhead bridge crane, whether single girder or double girder one, once you get in connection with Aicrane, they are all available for you.

Double Girder Overhead Crane for Sale

Double Girder Overhead Crane

Double girder overhead crane from Aicrane is a hot sale lifting machine at low cost. Factory price crane you can ...
20 ton crane

Double Girder EOT Crane

Double girder EOT crane is a type of hot-sale crane in our company. About the EOT crane it is one ...
single girder overhead crane

Single Girder Overhead Crane

Single girder overhead crane from overhead bridge crane factory is a lifting machine with lifting hooks or other take-up devices ...
overhead crane

Single Girder EOT Crane

Single girder EOT crane also refers to one of an electric overhead travelling crane, here in Aicrane we have the ...

Heavy Duty Overhead Crane

Heavy duty crane is capable of handling heavy loading materials and industrious work. Right here in our overhead bridge crane factory, you can choose any type of heavy-duty overhead bridge crane in accordance with your project need. Hot sale heavy lifting machines are as follows for your reference:

10 ton crane

10 Ton Overhead Crane

Our 10 ton overhead crane has various types to suit different work requirements. The 10 ton overhead crane can be ...
20 ton crane

20 Ton Overhead Crane

Aicrane can customizes various types of 20 ton overhead crane for your workshops facility. Customers need 20 ton overhead crane ...
50t double girder overhead crane for sale

50 Ton Overhead Crane

50 ton overhead crane is a type of heavy duty crane, it usually designed and manufactured as double girder structure, ...
100 ton crane

100 Ton Overhead crane

100 ton overhead crane is a sort of heavy-duty crane, also famous as a large overhead crane. It is commonly ...

Light Duty Overhead Crane

Our light duty overhead bridge crane features in a light, smart, smooth, and high efficiency, etc. Small mobile cranes, top running cranes, garage overhead crane, 1 ton crane, 2 ton bridge crane, 5-ton cranes, 10t overhead crane, etc these light duty cranes are all quite recognizable among our crane clients all around the globe:

1 ton crane

1 Ton Overhead Crane 

1 ton overhead crane is available in Overhead Crane factory, with both single girder structure or double girder structure. The ...
2 ton overhead crane

2 Ton Overhead Crane

2 ton overhead crane is a light-duty overhead crane, and it is commonly a single girder crane. With excellent design, simple ...
3 ton crane

3 Ton Overhead Crane

3 ton overhead crane is widely used in the warehouse, workshop, assembly factory, garage, workstation, and stockyard, etc. 3-ton crane ...
crane for sale

5 Ton Overhead Crane

As a reputable and professional overhead crane manufacturer, we provide various types of 5 ton overhead crane including top running ...

Featured Overhead Bridge Crane Products of  Aicrane

Among all our overhead bridge crane products, electromagnetic cranes, top running cranes, and garage cranes etc. They are all severely welcomed by our customers, the listed cranes below just for your reference. Our featured overhead bridge crane products are characterized by their low price, high quality, easy to operate, quick to manufacture, short delivery time, etc. If you have any needs for our featured products, be free to contact us.

10 ton crane

Shop Overhead Crane

Shop overhead crane for sale is the important lifting equipment in construction operation. It has various working purposes in market ...
AQ-QD European Double Girder Overhead Crane for Sale

Workshop Overhead Crane

Workshop overhead crane is important to mechanical workshops and roll grinding shops, in order to support their main production processes ...
double girder overhead crane

Warehouse Overhead Crane

Warehouse overhead crane is commonly used in the warehouse to load, unload and horizontally move objects efficiently and safely. Therefore,  ...
Excellent portable garage bridge crane supplier

Garage Bridge Crane

Garage bridge crane is a kind of overhead crane for garage utilization. For the garage workstation usage, Aicrane specially manufactures ...

For structure and application difference, there are tower cranes, truck cranes, crawler cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes, and overhead cranes, etc. Our overhead bridge crane machinery can offer you many types of cranes, such as overhead bridge cranes, jib cranes, and gantry cranes, etc. Among the overhead bridge cranes, classified by structure and industrial application, there are also many different kinds of overhead bridge cranes, types of overhead cranes are as follows.

Underhung running bridge crane: in an underhung crane, the end trucks move on the lower flanges of the runway beams which is also called under running cranes, they give more flexibility in operation, as the host can get closer to the end truck in this type of setup. Moreover, it is cost-effective.

In Aicrane we will offer you such underhung running overhead cranes with the best reasonable price at our factory cost level.
All the above two running cranes are designed with both single girder and double girder, any one of them you would like to buy it, welcome to get in touch with us.

While from our customers’ selection, double girder running cranes are most warmly welcome to them, since the double girder one performance better than the double girder one in heavy-duty materials lifting.

Excellent Underhung Crane for Sale
Excellent Underhung Crane for Sale

crane operation
Aicrane single girder overhead crane

 Top running overhead crane: as its name suggests, top running overhead cranes travel on the top of the runway beams. The cranes top running has a high load capacity.

Since a top running bridge crane hauls heavy loads, it has two bridge girders to give additional structural strength and has better headroom than other options.

This kind of overhead crane is also a hot sale double girder overhead bridge crane.

single girder crane
European single girder overhead crane

Single Girder Bridge Cranes: it is a kind of lifting machine designed for lower load capacity; however, in view of the cost and investment, they are less expensive than the double girder alternative. When a crane has a single girder, regardless of the configuration, the hoist always travels on the bottom of the crane girder.

There are different kinds of single girder bridge cranes available for your reference: single girder EOT crane, single girder grab crane, European standard single girder cranes, etc.

Double Girder Bridge Cranes: compared to the single girder crane, the double girder one is designed for managing higher loads, meanwhile, you shall also invest more money in it. In this design, the hoist is mounted on the bridge rim, unlike single girder, where hoist sits on the bottom of the girder, and due to this configuration, double girder overhead cranes offer greater hook height.

The double glider crane in Aicrane also has different types: double girder bridge crane with the grab, double girder cranes with hooks, double girder overhead traveling cranes, electromagnetic double beam bridge cranes and advanced overhead crane etc.

double girder crane
European double girder overhead crane

Tips on Choosing Suitable Overhead Bridge Cranes

To determine which configuration is suitable for your business, you need to know the bridge crane load capacity and design of the facility. You also need to know the crane power source, service rating, and material to be handled. Therefore, for different applications, various configurations of overhead cranes are available, including the top or under running designs and single or double girder structure. The part of the bridge that travels on a runway beam is called end truck, which is a box girder that houses bridge idler wheel.

The bridge is the traveling structure of the overhead crane that spans the entire width of the facility, which consists of the girder and two end trucks. The structure that holds the hoist around on the bridge girder is called the trolley. Bridge girders are the main traveling beam that contains the hoist and trolley. The tools that perform the lifting function in an overhead crane is called a hoist. The hoist is fitted on the trolley and can be of two types: wire rope or chain hoist.

single girder electric traveling crane for sale

Electric Overhead Travelling Crane

Electric overhead travelling crane is a very important hoisting machine in the manufacturing industry. With strong lifting capacity, high efficiency, ...
Top Running Overhead Crane

Top Running Overhead Crane

Top running overhead crane is a hot sale crane kits series with multi-function feature and has varied specifications. The crane kits factory ...
Double Girder Travelling Bridge Crane for Sale

Travelling Bridge Crane

Traveling bridge crane can be widely applied in the steel mills, warehouses, workstations, plants for lifting heavy loading materials. Single ...
Underhung Crane for Sale

Underhung Bridge Crane

Our company can offer you different types of underhung cranes you want. The underhung crane refers to a bridge widely ...

How To Use Overhead Crane

The overhead bridge crane is industrial lifting equipment, learning how to use it is very important for your business’ safety and efficiency promotion. Here in our Overhead bridge crane factory, we have professional crane operation expert teams, which can provide you with our best professional training services to your overhead bridge crane operator.

Overhead bridge crane operation includes many parts, before using it, the crane operator should ensure each part of it could run normally and clearly know when sudden problems occurring, how to deal with it instantly. The systematic bridge crane training service can offer our crane operators equipped with the most advanced crane operation training skills, which can protect their life from accidents.

Strong Advantages of Crane Manufacturing Capability

Since our crane machinery has its own factory, the company is capable of manufacturing products in accordance with customers’ needs. Customized bridge crane products are one of the advantages compared to our crane counterparts. Strong capability of bridge crane manufacturing ensures clients purchase whatever kinds of overhead bridge cranes with different capacities.

So far our company has obtained the technology in manufacturing cranes from light-duty cranes less than one ton too heavy duty cranes over two thousand tons, which has been well recognized by our clients at home and abroad. Thus, if you need cranes with light duty capacity for handling small duty materials, there are many kinds of small cranes for your reference. However, if you need cranes for your mega project facility, heavy loading overhead bridge cranes are also available to you.
Any interests in our overhead bridge cranes, and any help we can offer for you. Be free to contact us, and we will be so glad to reply to you as soon as possible.