Single Girder EOT Crane for Sale

Single girder eot crane also refers to one of an electric overhead travelling crane, here in Ellsen we have the LD type electric single girder overhead crane which is designed and manufactured according to standard JB1306-2008, and CDI, MDI and other forms of electric hoist supporting the use of a rail to run a small crane, its application from the weight For 1-10 tons, for the span of 7.5 ~ 22.5 meters, the working environment temperature in the range of -25 ~ +40 ℃.

Ellsen Single Girder eot Crane for Sale
Ellsen Single Girder eot Crane for Sale

People Oriented Crane Control System

For the convenience of users, the single girder eot crane has dual control systems. One is the ground control system and the other is the cabin room control system. The control room has both the end face and the side open door for the user to choose. This product is a general purpose usage crane, used for machinery manufacturing, garage, assembly, wrokshop, warehouses and other places, its structural features are as follows:

Single Girder eot crane design
Single Girder eot crane design
  • The main part of the metal structure of the steel plate is rolled u-shaped steel and then welded with the I-beam Real beam. The beam is also rolled into steel U-shaped steel plate and then welded into a box-shaped beam. Convenient for storage and transportation. The main beam is made of M20 bolts (45 steel).
  • The eot crane paired electric hoist can lift heavy objects, and along the main beam lateral movement.
  • The operating mechanism of this single girder electric crane is used in the form of driving, brake by cone-shaped brake motor to complete, the drive is “one or two closed” type three gear drive.
  • Electrical equipment: The motor used in this product has a single speed cone-shaped squirrel-cage motor (for operating speed 20,30 and 45 m / min) to operate and tapered winding motor (for running speed 45,60,75 m / Min) driving two forms, with the different forms of operation, with two kinds of electrical control. Electric hoist and the entire crane are equipped with safety devices, such as lifting limit switch, the end of the limit switch.

The Product Specifications Are as Follows

LB ex-proof eot crane for sale
LB ex-proof eot crane for sale
  • ground manipulation example:
  • Weight: 3 tons, span: 10.5 meters, running speed: 30 m / min.
  • Description: LD3-10.5-30
  • operating room manipulation example:
  • Weight: 5 tons, span: 16.5 meters, running speed: 60 m / min.
  • Representation method: LDC5-16.5-60

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