Overhead Crane Installation

Overhead Crane Installation Steps are As Follow:

  • The structure of bridge crane and the installation of the car
  • The bridge is the main body of the bridge type crane, its erection and assembly have strict technical requirements, and there is a set of strict measurement methods.
  • To measure the installation results.
  • Before the installation will be bundled with the hook off for welding into the girder web, transportation.
  • Installation methods and requirements.
Electromagnetic 10t double girder crane for sale
Electromagnetic 10t double girder crane for sale

The crane, which is required to be erected as a whole, should be supported on a rack that is temporarily lifted by the span of the crane to leave the main beam out of the ground.If the rail can be laid on the shelf, the cartwheel can be placed directly on the rail.Otherwise, the lower level cover of the main beam should be placed near the two ends of the main beam.No matter which method is used, you need to use the level meter to find the right.For rail laying, the horizontal plane is used as a benchmark to find the level. The level of the bridge is measured at the distance between the centerline of the end beam and the center line of the car track when the cushion is under the main girder.Before measuring the horizontal position, the end beam should be connected by the method specified by the pattern (or with the hinged hole bolt or the reaming axis).A cone tread wheel should make contact with the side wall of the steel rail flange, to prevent movement and affect the level of accuracy.The quality of a bridge that requires the supporting point of a bridge to be located under the wheel.

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Installation and inspection on the ground are much more convenient than erecting in the air, and it is easy to repair more than the specified error or damaged part.However, due to the limitation of erection and hoisting equipment, sometimes they have to be disassembled, then they are installed on the rail carrying beams of the workshop, then assembled, especially large tonnage cranes.

The Installation of an Overhead Crane Car

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Ellsen top running crane for sale

The assembly of the car is generally installed in the manufacturing plant, and it can be placed on the bridge when it is shipped to the use unit.The car that is transported separately for a variety of reasons should be reassembled and fastened according to the technical requirements of the drawings.The reassembled car should check the size of the small wheels to meet the technical requirements.The inspection methods and specific provisions are the same as the measurement methods mentioned above in the structural installation of the overhead crane and the installation part of the car operation mechanism in the third section of the installation of large and small cars. If you need our crane services, welcome contact us.