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Overhead Bridge Crane Safety Protection System

Since overhead bridge crane is widely used in all walks of life, the overhead crane safety is of vital importance for operators. As an international crane manufacturer, we have our own overhead bridge crane factory, strong crane research and development expert teams, strict crane manufacturing and inspection standard system. All of our overhead bridge cranes will be inspected and tested by three crane quality and safety inspection institutions.

10 ton crane
10 ton overhead crane for sale

Our Overhead Bridge Crane Quality and Safety Inspection Center, National Heavy Duty Machinery Quality and Safety Supervision and Management Commission, and the International Supervision Organization. And all of our overhead bridge crane products are quality and standard guaranteed, which have been well recognized by our crane customers all around the globe.

Overhead Bridge Crane Inspection Criteria 

Just like the above information have mentioned, all of our overhead cranes have met the national machinery standard supervision and inspection. The overhead bridge crane electrical parts, safety system, the entire crane components, have been totally tested and inspected by our national overhead bridge crane engineers and experts’ teams.

60 ton overhead crane
AQ-QDX 160 ton overhead crane for sale

All of our products have been recognized by its clients at home and abroad whether in the crane safety, quality or the cost. Besides, we employ the most advanced international crane technology to our products for the convenience of our clients’ business cost and working efficiency. All of our crane products are safety, quality proved and cost-effective with high working performance. Welcome clients select your ideal overhead bridge crane.

200 ton overhead crane
AQ-QDX 200 ton overhead crane for sale

What Perspectives Should You Consider Before Purchasing Overhead Crane?

The following perspectives of crane purchasing are just for your reference.

First of all, collecting relative messages of the crane you want to buy;

Secondly, do a market survey for the new overhead bridge crane: reliable overhead bridge crane supplier and the overhead bridge crane market price, etc;

Thirdly, making decisions to the purchasing plans you have done;

Fourthly, making order and procurement, and signing contract with your crane supplier;

lastly, inspection the your newly purchasing overhead bridge crane from your crane supplier. During the whole process, you should follow the above procedure.

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