Industrial crane for sale

Industrial overhead crane refers to a heavy duty crane used in the industrial field for lifting heavy loading materials. Typically this type of crane is set with higher working classes(A6-A8). The capacity of this type of overhead crane is usually up to 20t. However, it is also referred to the light duty crane less than 20ts for lifting lightweight materials in warehouse, workshops, workstations etc. Ellsen overhead bridge crane factory, a top industrial overhead crane manufacturer can tailor you any capacities of industrial cranes you need to lift up your industry. The kind of crane can be widely employed in the metallurgical industry, garbage industry, shipping industry, etc.

Ellsen Industrial Cranes for Sale
Ellsen Industrial Cranes for Sale

5-320t YZ Casting Overhead Crane for Foundry for Sale

For customers’ foundry industry facility, Ellsen can provides you our casting bridge cranes. The casting bridge crane for sale is the major material handling equipment for steelmaking and continuous casting process in the metallurgical industry. This kind of casting overhead crane is mainly used for lifting and transportation of liquid steel ladle.

The overall structure of the steel mill ladle crane can be divided into double girder double truck, four beams and four tracks, four beam rail and other types. The first two are generally used for tonnage crane, while the third is generally used for large tonnage of foundry crane.

YZ Gruas Industriales for Sale
YZ Gruas Industriales for Sale

With the aid of the foundry crane, you can promote your foundry industry efficiency to a large degree. Ellsen foundry overhead crane features with advanced technology, novel structure, safe and readable, economical and durable, and easy maintenance.

Heavy Duty Industrial Overhead Crane for Sale

European Standard Double Girder Travelling Bridge Crane for Sale

Double Girder Overhead Crane

Double girder overhead crane manufactured from ellsen is a hot sale lifting machine at low cost. Factory price crane you ...
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Ellsen double girder eot overhead crane for sale

EOT Crane Manufacturer

Double girder eot crane is a type of overhead crane from Ellsen Overhead Crane Company.About the EOT crane it is ...
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Ellsen 10 ton crane for sale

10 Ton Overhead Crane for Sale

In Ellsen, we can provide you many types of 10 tons overhead cranes, any working conditions if you need a ...
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Ellsen Industrial Cranes for Sale

Industrial crane for sale

Industrial overhead crane refers to a heavy duty crane used in the industrial field for lifting heavy loading materials. Typically ...
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Single girder crane with grab for sale

Grab Crane for Sale

In Ellsen Overhead Bridge Crane Factory, the factory can provide you two types of grab cranes, one is the QZ ...
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Ellsen 75t Double Beam Ex-proof bridge crane for sale

Explosion Proof Crane for Sale

Explosion proof crane manufactured from Ellsen is a dedicated overhead crane for coal mines or factories that need lifting kits with ...
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Ellsen 20 ton crane for sale

20 Ton Overhead Crane

Ellsen crane equipment Co.,Ltd can customizes various types of 20 ton overhead crane for your workshops facility. Customers need 20 ton ...
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Ellsen Electromagnetic Crane for Sale

Electromagnetic cranes for sale

Electromagnetic cranes from ellsen bridge crane factory have a magnet for work facility. It is a low cost crane for your steel mill ...
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Light Duty Industrial Overhead Crane for sale

Ellsen free standing bridge crane for sale

Free Standing Bridge Crane for Sale

Customized Free Standing Bridge Crane, a kind of light duty workstation cranes in Ellsen Overhead Bridge Crane Machinery. It is ...
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LD Single Girderoverhead crane for garage

Garage Bridge Crane

Garage bridge crane is a kind of overhead crane for garage utilization. For the garage workstation usage, Ellsen specially manufactures ...
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Ellsen Homemade Shop Crane for Sale

Homemade bridge crane for sale

This homemade bridge crane also called portable gantry crane which is widely used in a family for hoisting light duty ...
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HD european standard portable overhead crane for sale

Portable Overhead Crane 

Portable Overhead Crane is a type of hot sale light duty crane from Ellsen Crane machinery. With its flexible and ...
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Ellsen Single Girder Crane for Sale

Single Girder Overhead Crane

A single girder overhead crane from Ellsen overhead bridge crane factory is a lifting machine with lifting hooks or other take-up ...
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Ellsen Single Girder eot Crane for Sale

Single Girder EOT Crane for Sale

The single girder eot crane also refers to one of an electric overhead travelling crane, here in Ellsen we have ...
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Ellsen 5 ton single girder overhead crane for sale

5 Ton Overhead Crane

Quality, Price, and Service is Our Core Competitiveness Ellsen as a top-notch bridge crane supplier can provide you different types ...
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1 ton crane with electric hoist for sale

1 Ton Overhead Crane for Sale

1 ton overhead crane is available in Ellsen Overhead Bridge Crane factory, with both single girder structure or double girder ...
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To enhance the industrial crane performance, the crane factory also provides customers our dedicated paired industrial hoists, which includes the electric chain hoists for general usage and the explosion proof hoists for factory and coal mines.

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