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Homemade Bridge Crane

Homemade bridge crane also called portable overhead crane which is widely used in a family for hoisting light duty materials. Here in Aimix Group Co., Ltd., we can offer you different types of homemade cranes with different capacities from 500kg to 10 tons. Any needs about homemade overhead cranes, welcome to contact us, we will reply to you within 24 hours. Apart from as a homemade utility, this crane can also be applied in warehouse, workshops, garages. Thus, if you buy our Aicrane homemade cranes, you will benefit a lot, once you make cooperation with us.

homemade small overhead crane for sale
homemade small overhead crane

General Simplification of the Homemade Shop Crane

The homemade crane lifting capacity we offer to you is within the range of 0.5t to 10 tons, which is in alliance with most working conditions of our customers. So, if you want to buy a homemade lift crane, you can tell us the general loading capacity of the bridge crane you need, then will according to your own special demands, tailor you our cranes.

Aicrane Homemade Shop Crane for Sale
Aicrane Homemade Shop Crane for Sale

Accordingly, the working span length of the crane is within the range of 3 to 6m. Additionally, if you have particular requirements be free to contact us, our crane engineer center will tailor you an ideal homemade crane you need.

Homade Bridge Crane for sale
Homemade Bridge Crane for sale

Since the crane used in the homemade does not need heavy duty working lifting materials, thus the working class of the homemade crane is A3, which is less than the grab overhead crane, or the electromagnetic bridge cranes working class.

Mobile Home Made Crane for Sale
Mobile Home Made Crane for Sale

Homemade Crane, Portable Gantry Crane, Mobile Gantry Crane Specifications(general)

Shop homemade crane for sale
Shop homemade crane for sale


  • Lifting capacity:0.5-10ton
  • Working class: A 3
  • Ambient Temperature:-20-40℃
  • Note: provide customized service

Homemade lift crane in Aicrane can perform its best in your workshop. And the price of our lifting equipment is also the most attractive for our clients. The price of our cranes is factory price. If you need our best-customized services, we can also provide you with our best excellent crane expert teams. Nowadays, most of the business are making online. So the credit is of great importance except for the quality of the crane products. All the cranes of us are quality approved and have international qualifications, so you can buy our cranes without any confusions. We will dedicate ourselves to providing you our best crane products and services.

Additional Services of Our Cranes’ Factory.

Homemade crane service
Homemade crane service

If you own a new workstation or warehouse, or just start your own business, and need our crane solution for you. The crane engineer team in Aicrane will provide their best suggestions with their professional and sophisticated experience on your newly crane workstation.

They will make a crane design which is only fit for your workstation. The customized crane solution includes the capacity of the cranes you won’t have and the detail specifications of the overhead cranes you need. Even the crane color, you can also have your own favorite colors you won’t have. Thus, the best-customized services of our crane factory ensure us provide best crane products that only fit for your working conditions.

About the crane delivering services, we have made long term cooperation relationship with the world famous crane logistics companies at home and abroad. Thus, when we receive your order, once when finished all the cranes’ solutions you need, then we will deliver your products as soon as possible. No matter how far between you and the factory, your crane products will arrive at your port within twelve months.

After sale service is also highly well recognized by our customers, any problems you will meet during the application of the homemade crane warranty period will be handled through our excellent and strong crane after sale expert engineer team.

Homemade Crane Hoist

Aicrane Homemade crane hoist
Aicrane Homemade crane hoist

Paired with light duty electric hoist, the homemade crane will perform well and load heavier load lifting materials. Aicrane brand homemade crane hoist has different types, usually, the electric chain hoist and explosion proof electric hoist are widely equipped with different kinds of cranes. However, the homemade crane hoist as assist tools of a crane, belonging to a light duty one, whose capacity ranges from 1 ton to 5 ton. For the homemade crane facility, we recommend you the 2-ton electric hoist or 3-ton hoist to match the crane lifting equipment.

Thus, as a professional and dedicated overhead bridge crane manufacturer, we will try our best to deal with all your problems with cranes. Any problem about the homemade bridge crane or other types of cranes, welcome to contact us.

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