Hoist Overhead Crane Safety System

A High-Performance Hoist Crane by Excellent Bridge Crane Machinery

Hoist crane refers to the hoist lifting mechanism for the crane. Because of its simple structure, easy operation, low cost, in the machinery, chemical, light industry, railway and other industries are widely used. Due to the particularity of this crane, ground operators often have multiple functions and also have many unsafe problems in their operations, operations and command tasks.

AQ-LD type single girder electric hoist crane for sale
AQ-LD type single girder electric hoist crane for sale

In order to prevent crane accidents such as lifting, GB6067-1985 “Safety Regulations for Lifting Machinery” and other relevant national standards have required hoist crane must have safety devices, such as a limiter, end stop, buffer, safety brake and so on. These safety devices equipped with effectively improve the safety and reliability of hoist crane, but due to design, manufacturing and other defects in its own production, the current hoist crane safety precautions are not perfect, according to the daily inspection experience found gourd crane in the wrong phase phase protection, anti-broken shaft protection, to prevent the electric hoist fall protection, the buffer settings and so there are still flaws or deficiencies.

Three-phase Asynchronous Taper Brake Motor

As the gourd crane uses three-phase asynchronous taper brake motor as a power unit, and the three-phase asynchronous motor operating direction and the power supply phase sequence related to the power supply when the phase sequence changes, the motor running direction and the original running direction On the contrary, at this time press the “down” button, the spreader rises, and rose to the limit position limiter does not work, likely to cause accidents. Such cranes happen each year due to misplaced roll crushing, hook group squeeze deformation, broken wire rope accident. At present, China’s production and widespread use of CD, MD-type electric hoist did not take the wrong phase-off protection (electric hoist does not require the installation). In order to prevent the wrong phase caused by the occurrence of serious injuries, in the gourd crane electrical control system to add the wrong phase protection device.

1 ton crane with electric hoist for sale
1 ton crane with electric hoist for sale

When the power supply phase failure or wrong phase, the wrong phase protectors work, the total power contactor disconnected, the power must be restored to normal after the crane can continue to work. This will not only prevent the power supply caused by the wrong roll crushing but also prevent motor phase loss of burning. Therefore, the wrong phase-phase protectors’ role is necessary.

Top Quality Configured Electric Hoist

Electric hoist in operation, due to the wheel rim and wheel tread wear, the gap between the wheel and the rail gradually increased, this time if you can not adjust the operating gap in time, the electric hoist may be off the track, causing a heavy injury accident; the same time Due to the particularity of wheel axle assembly, it is not easy to find the cracks on the axle. Cracks cannot be effectively controlled. The axle may break and cause a crash accident. In order to prevent the electric hoist caused by the fall of the accident occurred in the electric hoist additional anti-breaking shaft, derailment protection device. When the electric hoist derailment or broken shaft, the anti-off axis, derailment protection device can be effectively suspended on the track, thus avoiding the occurrence of lifting injury.

Strictly Meet National and International Standard

According to GB6o67-1985 (Crane Safety Regulations, the provisions of the operation of the electric hoist terminal must be added to the buffer.Because the installation location of the device is not clearly defined, the current domestic use of electric hoist buffer is generally installed in the work When the electric hoist running wheel and the buffer collide, the buffer has played a role in absorbing energy, but due to the particularity of electric hoist structure, running the flange of the suspension wheel and the buffer collision, the inertia The role of the suspension wheel flange so that the buffer wear is extremely serious.

When the electric hoist is running for a period of time, the damper loses its original design function so that the safety factor of the electric hoist increases and the stability of the electric hoist declines drastically. In order to prevent the occurrence of this failure, the buffer can be installed at the location of the lower surface of the I-beam, the use of buffer and electric hoist suspension play a role in the buffer collision, improve safety and reliability, to extend the life of the buffer. Any detailed information about the hoist crane, welcome contact us with your detailed inquiry.