Grabbing Crane Safety Operation Brochure

What do you need to pay attention for grab bridge crane safe operation? How to deal with the sudden situation in the operation of grabbing bridge crane? Here in our Overhead Bridge crane, for clients’ operator facility, the company’s expert team provides you the following suggestion, please be sure to follow the safety manual to operate.

1.Overhead Crane Operator must have experiences in overhead crane safe and technical training, certificates. When drunk, the operator shall never be allowed to operate the lifting equipment.

  • The driver must get off at the designated location. After entering the post, the operator should ring the bell first after finishing the power transmission;
  • Operation of the drum controller and the master controller, the operating handle must be slow to ensure smooth running, but close to zero in the place a little faster, so as not to burn too long arc burst contact point, after the machine completely stopped running;
  • When operation, the overhead crane driver must focus on the overhead crane operation;
  • when the bridge crane grabs the material, the grapple must be done in the vertical direction, and not to use grapples to pull material,
  • When the traffic is moving horizontally, the grapple must be raised above the obstacle that can be encountered by more than 0.5m to prevent crushing or other accidents;
  • Grab grab material, you must slowly open to ensure that after the grab opened with the mine, the silo has a certain distance to prevent the collision of the mine;
  • The traffic grab must rise to 300mm from the beam must stop. In normal operation, prohibit the use of end switches and limit switches to cut off the power, close to the end of the speed should be slow;
  • Work should always pay attention to whether the brake is in good condition, when the brake is not working, brake wheel, it should not be cut off the accident switch, on the contrary, should be the two master controller at the same time open to the last When the hydraulic pump failure, the brake cannot be opened, it is strictly forbidden to continue operation, should cut off the power, the inspection and processing, cannot handle the timely report to the relevant leadership. ;
  • Lifting operations must follow the command of the signal, the hoisting operation signal in the form of bells, ground mobile lifting using intercom system and ground command personnel to contact, but any person issued an emergency stop signal should be immediately stopped.
  • Driving workers into the post operation, you must wear a labor insurance products, shall not wear non-insulated shoes into the post operation;
  • It is strictly forbidden to climb the running of the traffic, is strictly prohibited from the traffic bridge over; in operation, any person issued a parking signal must be parking;
  • driving brake failure is strictly prohibited driving, in operation is strictly prohibited to repair all electrical and mechanical equipment;
  • No person shall travel or stay along the carriageway except for professional maintenance of the orbiter;
  • When the vehicle is overhauled or stopped, the car must be docked to the end of the main beam and the grab must fall to the ground. When the rope falls to a minimum, the wire rope on the reel shall not be less than three turns; when the wire rope is severely worn, 12 yarns per twist, the surface is worn to 20% of the original diameter, this rope cannot continue to use;
  • It is strictly forbidden to lift equipment and personnel with grapples;
AQ-QZ Double Beam Grab Crane for Sale
AQ-QZ Double Beam Grab Crane for Sale
  • The safety cover, lighting, fire equipment, limit switches, etc. must be intact, the tool should be placed in the toolbox, so as not to fall wounding;
  • Two vehicles at the same time operation, the two should be kept at the distance of 4 meters, in close to the signal must be issued to prevent the crash.
  • When the work is stopped, the lifting material shall not be suspended in the air. In operation, the ground, downhole, or drop the hanging pieces should first ring warning. It is forbidden to hang over the head.

The above regulations are just for your reference when operating the grab bridge crane, if you have any confusions, please be free to contact us, in our overhead bridge crane factory, there are professional crane engineer team and strong manufacturing teams provide you excellent customized overhead bridge crane solution.