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Garage Bridge Crane

Garage bridge crane is a kind of overhead crane for garage utilization. For the garage workstation usage, Aicrane specially manufactures the crane with special features. The garage workstation has its own features. Mobility, frequently usage, smart features, taking into these features into consideration, our garage cranes also have such smart features to promote working performance.

The garage overhead crane is a kind of mobile crane, which is a general usage bridge crane for garage application. Aicrane garage crane systems have special structures, such as the parallel steel tracks, which can ensure a smooth work for your garage workshop.

Excellent portable garage bridge crane supplier
Excellent portable garage bridge crane sales

Aicrane Portable Garage Bridge Crane Parameters

  • Lifting capacity: 1-25t
  • Span length: 7.5-31.5m
  • Lifting height: 6-30m
  • Lifting speed: 0.3-8m/min
  • Hoist travelling speed: 20m/min
  • Crane travelling speed: 20m/min
  • Working class: A3~A4
  • Customized service

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Garage Crane Services for Customers

Customers buying the cranes can enjoy our special and personalized crane services winch include customized garage crane manufacturing solution, quick shipping delivery, crane operator free training, crane installation and installation engineer suggestions, with 12 months warranty, any problems of the garage bridge crane we can deal with it. And we can also provide you our strong after-sale crane maintenance service.

According to the lifting capacity, garage bridge crane in Aicrane has various types, such as 1 ton overhead crane, 3 ton overhead crane, 5-ton crane, and 10 ton overhead crane etc. Furthermore, we provide customized service to meet your different needs.

garage single girder overhead crane
garage single girder overhead crane
  • Customized garage crane solution: different customers have their own specific different demands on the capacity of the freestanding overhead crane to match for their working conditions. Thus, we can customize your garage crane with different tones. Thus, if you have additional demands on the crane garage before you make your decision to buy a garage crane with different tons for your garage workstation.
  • Bridge Crane Quick Delivering Service. Once we receive your order, the crane factory will try our best to deliver your crane products, as soon as possible. Since we have made strong relationships with the logistics companies at home and abroad, we can deliver your crane order quickly. And you will receive your ideal garage cranes within 30 days.
  • Crane operator free training free of charge. If you just start your own business, or your crane operator is a novice, our crane training teams, will offer our crane operation training support. So if you have such needs, when we shipping your garage crane, we can send our crane engineer for your workstation.
  • Crane Installation Service Free of Charge. If customers need our engineer teams to support the crane installation service, we will provide it for you free of charge.
  • Strong after sale service: our garage bridge crane has a strong and long term warranty period which lasts over a year, during which you can ask our crane help center any time when you have problems of the crane. Additionally, if the warranty period has passed, we can also provide you with our maintenance service for you if you need.

The overhead garage bridge crane price in our company is cost effective than any other crane supplier agents since we have our own crane factory. So we can offer our bridge cranes at factory price, in addition, if you are a buyer from countries along with the Belt& Road Initiative, so we can also provide you our huge price preference for you.

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