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Latest Manufacturing Crane

Recently, the roasting multi-functional double girder crane designed and manufactured by OBC(Overhead Bridge Crane) for a material handling company has been successfully put into operation. The crane is mature and reliable, with good performance, convenient operation, advanced technology and rave reviews.

multifunctional overhead crane
multifunctional overhead crane

What is New about Double Girder Multifunctional Bridge Crane

The roasting multi-function overhead bridge crane refers to a dedicated crane with a vacuum material conveying system, a dust removal and cooling system, and an anode carbon block clamp device. It is a special crane for the process line for serving the anode carbon block roasting process, and also a special operation equipment for the anode carbon block roaster.

The structure of the Latest Multifunctional Overhead Crane

The whole machine is mainly composed of a tool trolley, a bridge frame, a trolley running mechanism, an electric hoist, and an electric control system. The tool trolley consists of a suction and discharge system, a double clamp, a trolley frame, a trolley running mechanism and a driver’s cab. The whole car adopts frequency conversion and PLC control.

Top 5 Shining Features of Latest Brand Bridge Overhead Crane

What’s the function of latest manufactured overhead bridge crane?

  1. Furnace installation an unfired anode block (raw block) is placed in a calciner pit.
  2. Fill the granular coke in the tank with the gap between the roaster and the anode block and cover the top.
  3.   The material suction in the furnace is sucked into the silo.
  4. The baked anode block (cooked block) furnace is taken out of the baking furnace and sent to the conveyor belt or the designated place.
  5. Other auxiliary lifting operations: the trolley is equipped with an auxiliary suction pipe to clean the flue and remove dust. There is a 10t electric hoist on the bridge to carry the burners and perform maintenance work on the roaster.