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Environment Protection Crane Design

Adopting brand leading new crane manufacturing technologies, we can always provide customers excellent individualized crane. Since China’s Opening Up and Reform stimulation, Its environment was badly polluted. Thus manufacturing environmental friendly overhead crane quite meets the trend. Traditional overhead cranes have many weaknesses in logistic, working efficiency, and safe operation. As a critical lifting equipment widely applied in multi-fileds areas, overhead crane R&Dis vital for total industrial economic development.

However, as China’s infrastructure construction continues to increase, the variety of crane equipment and the increasing number, a large number of crane equipment consumed by the resources, emissions of pollutants on the impact of the environment is growing. In Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities, because the construction site of the mechanical noise disturbance caused by more and more disputes; excavators, loaders, cranes, heavy trucks and other crane equipment emissions caused by

Overhead Top Running Crane Strructure
Overhead Top Running Crane Structure

Air pollution is increasingly serious, has caused the environmental protection departments attach great importance. In addition, since last year’s macro-control, domestic enterprises generally began to look to the international market, however, due to exhaust emissions are not compliance, product exports have been seriously hampered. Now, environmental protection and energy conservation has become China’s crane equipment industry cannot be ignored.

Our crane has new manufacturing technology, energy saving, and environmental protection crane equipment energy saving and environmental protection is the policy requirements

In recent years. With the introduction of the “second five” policy, in response to the crane equipment industry to take the green manufacturing road calls more and more loud, with the international economic development. China’s crane equipment enterprises are also doing the appropriate scale adjustment, however, China’s technology level is still relatively low, the manufacturing industry chain process is not only the low utilization of energy, but also produce a lot of heavy oil pollution, which for China’s crane equipment Development will undoubtedly cause great obstacles. Take the green road strategy is not only in line with the principle of harmonious development of the world, but also help the crane equipment enterprises to alleviate the current pressure. For the long-term development of enterprises into the water.

hoist gearing system
hoist gearing system

Recently, the State Council executive meeting, further clarified to speed up the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry, promote information consumption, we can see that both have the characteristics of economic restructuring, but also has a strong economic power industry, has become the main goal of the current policy tilt.

As early as the State Council proposed to speed up the transformation of shantytowns. Some organizations are expected. There will be more in line with the “steady growth, structural adjustment, promote reform” coordinated development of the industry, will be subject to policy concerns. In the July 12 executive meeting of the State Council, energy conservation and environmental protection industry favored, and the difference is that the meeting in the details of the work put forward very clear requirements:

First, to create a favorable market and policy environment. Improve the standards, improve the price, fees and land policy;

Second, we must speed up the construction of key energy-saving environmental protection projects, improve the sewage pipe network and other urban environmental infrastructure, green building operations;

Third, is to increase the central budget investment and energy-saving emission reduction special funds to support efforts to continue to arrange state-owned capital operating budget expenditure to support key enterprises to implement energy-saving environmental protection projects. Extensive international exchanges and cooperation;

Fourth, to promote energy saving and renewable products consumption. Government official car, the bus to the first to promote the use of new energy vehicles, synchronized improve the supporting facilities. To 2015, so that efficient energy-saving products market share increased to 50% or more;

Fifth, to enhance the level of industrial technology and equipment. To promote efficient boilers, high-efficiency motors and other areas of energy-saving technology and equipment upgrades. Speed up the atmosphere, water, soil and other pollution control technology and equipment research and development promotion. Increase the key common technology research, improve the ability of independent innovation. Development and expansion of contract energy management and other energy conservation and environmental protection services.