Crane Safety Operation Guides

Safety knowledge of aerial work in single girder underhung cranes

Electric single-girder underhung cranes and CD1, MD1-type electric hoist supporting the use of rail light rail to form a small crane. This machine is mostly used in machinery manufacturing. Assembly workshops and warehouses, caves and other places. Running track with I-beam.

This product is intermediate (A5) working system, lifting weight 0.5,1,2,3,5 tons, the span of 3 to 16 meters. Work environment temperature is between 20 ℃ -35 ℃, the control mode is ground control (both wired and wireless).

Ellsen Double Girder Underhung Crane for Sale
Ellsen Double Girder Underhung Crane for Sale

This product is not suitable for use in flammable and explosive media or in places where there is a high temperature with acids and alkalis or with molten metal, toxic substances, and combustibles which are handled by dry lifting.

Special equipment for purchase, introduction, installation and technological transformation must comply with the relevant national standards for quality and technical supervision, safety and hygiene regulations, especially for the selection and procurement of crane machinery with great danger, prior approval of safety and equipment departments.

The crane purchased in the factory, to go through the local municipal quality and technical supervision departments of safety and technical inspection, and obtained “Crane Safety Technical Supervision Certificate” issued randomly.

Installation of lifting machinery units to obtain qualification certificates, installation personnel have a certificate of operation, the permit can be engaged in lifting machinery installation and submitted to the higher security, the competent authorities for the record review.

Crane prior to the commissioning of the trial, the installation unit must first self-test, and fill in the self-test report, pay the receiving unit after the pre-acceptance of qualified (complete record should be) by the superior in charge of safety, equipment testing, acceptance before being able to invest Test run.

The formal inspection and acceptance must be carried out in accordance with the technical, safety and equipment department regulations of the supervisor and the “three simultaneous” management standards for labor protection.


Strengthen the management of cranes. Conscientiously implement the crane management system and safety inspection system, do a good job of regular inspection crane, maintenance, maintenance, promptly eliminate hidden dangers, so that crane is always in good working condition.

Strengthen the education and training of crane operators, strictly enforce safe operating procedures, enhance the ability to operate technical skills and handle emergencies.

Overhead Crane Installation

Overhead Crane Installation Steps are As Follow:

  • The structure of bridge crane and the installation of the car
  • The bridge is the main body of the bridge type crane, its erection and assembly have strict technical requirements, and there is a set of strict measurement methods.
  • To measure the installation results.
  • Before the installation will be bundled with the hook off for welding into the girder web, transportation.
  • Installation methods and requirements.
Electromagnetic 10t double girder crane for sale
Electromagnetic 10t double girder crane for sale

The crane, which is required to be erected as a whole, should be supported on a rack that is temporarily lifted by the span of the crane to leave the main beam out of the ground.If the rail can be laid on the shelf, the cartwheel can be placed directly on the rail.Otherwise, the lower level cover of the main beam should be placed near the two ends of the main beam.No matter which method is used, you need to use the level meter to find the right.For rail laying, the horizontal plane is used as a benchmark to find the level. The level of the bridge is measured at the distance between the centerline of the end beam and the center line of the car track when the cushion is under the main girder.Before measuring the horizontal position, the end beam should be connected by the method specified by the pattern (or with the hinged hole bolt or the reaming axis).A cone tread wheel should make contact with the side wall of the steel rail flange, to prevent movement and affect the level of accuracy.The quality of a bridge that requires the supporting point of a bridge to be located under the wheel.

80t bridge crane for sale

Installation and inspection on the ground are much more convenient than erecting in the air, and it is easy to repair more than the specified error or damaged part.However, due to the limitation of erection and hoisting equipment, sometimes they have to be disassembled, then they are installed on the rail carrying beams of the workshop, then assembled, especially large tonnage cranes.

The Installation of an Overhead Crane Car

Ellsen top running crane for sale
Ellsen top running crane for sale

The assembly of the car is generally installed in the manufacturing plant, and it can be placed on the bridge when it is shipped to the use unit.The car that is transported separately for a variety of reasons should be reassembled and fastened according to the technical requirements of the drawings.The reassembled car should check the size of the small wheels to meet the technical requirements.The inspection methods and specific provisions are the same as the measurement methods mentioned above in the structural installation of the overhead crane and the installation part of the car operation mechanism in the third section of the installation of large and small cars. If you need our crane services, welcome contact us.


Overhead Crane Specifications

Electromagnetic Crane for Sale

Performance Parameters of Crane Lifting Machinery

The main performance parameters of hoisting crane machinery include lifting capacity, working class, lifting torque, lifting height and working speed.

Overhead Crane Capacity

Weight refers to the quality of the crane can lift a weight, which should include the quality of sling and iron pole or a container, it is an important parameter to measure the crane working ability.It is usually called the rated weight and is expressed as “Q”.The weight – starting unit used to be used as “t” and now is represented by “kN” (10kN is approximately equal to 1t).

QZ 20 ton overhead crane with grab for sale
QZ 20 ton overhead crane with grab for sale


With the change of the working range of the crane, the crane’s weight also changes.Therefore, the rated weight has the maximum weight and maximum lifting weight.The maximum weight refers to the basic boom in maximum weight lifting allowed minimum amplitude; the biggest weight refers to the basic boom in the maximum weight lifting maximum amplitude at.General crane rated lifting weight refers to the basic boom in maximum weight lifting allowed minimum amplitude when the crane is calibrated on the nameplate capacity.

Working Class

The working range refers to the horizontal distance between the central axis of a crane and the center line of a hook under the rated load. It is usually referred to as the radius of gyration or the radius of work. It is represented by “R”, and the unit is “m”.The working range indicates the working range of the crane when it does not shift. It includes two parameters, the maximum amplitude, and the minimum amplitude.For the pitching amplitude boom, when in a horizontal angle close to the level of 13 degrees, the maximum horizontal distance from the center to the center of the hook crane slewing axis line, the biggest; when the boom up to the maximum angle (the average angle of 78 degrees), the rotary center axis to hook the distance of the center line of the minimum. Minimum amplitude.The trolley jib, when small cars to the arm head end position, the biggest; when the car is boom root end position, minimum amplitude.

Single Girder eot crane design
Single Girder eot crane design

The lifting weight of the crane varies with the amplitude, and the same crane has different ranges and its weight is different.For a wheeled crane with leg support, it should also be expressed in the effective range of A, that is, the horizontal distance from the center of the hook to the center line of the side leg when the leg is working laterally.The effective range reflects the actual working ability of the crane. The working range is expressed by A1 (single tire) or A2 (A2 twin) without using outrigger to work laterally.

Lifting Torque

The lifting moment is the product of the crane’s lifting weight and the corresponding amplitude.The unit of lifting torque used to be expressed by t*m. Now it is expressed by kN*m. It is a crane’s comprehensive lifting capacity parameter, which can comprehensively and accurately reflect crane’s lifting capacity. The tower crane needs to work in a large range, so the lifting torque is used as the main parameter to express the model.The lifting torque of a tower crane usually refers to the lifting moment of the maximum amplitude.

80t bridge crane for sale

Crane’s hoisting characteristic curve is a curve showing the relationship between crane’s weight and amplitude. Different amplitude has different rated weight. It can connect different amplitudes and corresponding rated lifting weights to line, and it can be drawn into hoisting characteristic curve.All the cranes have this curve near the control table so that the operator can quickly find out the maximum lifting weight of the crane at a certain extent.To be equipped with several different arm length of the crane, each of which corresponds to the length of the jib crane has its characteristic curve.

Overhead Crane Lifting Height

The lifting height refers to the distance from the ground to the hook and the center of the hook, and the calibration value of its parameters is usually expressed as the rated lifting height.The rated lifting height refers to the rise of the hook to the maximum limit of the full load, from the center of the hook to the ground.When the hook needs to be lifted below the ground, the depth of the ground below the ground is called the lower depth, and the total lifting height is the sum of the lifting height and the lower depth.

For the jib crane, when the boom length, lifting height increases with the magnitude of the reduction, this feature can be used to lift height curve representation, and its corresponding lifting performance curve.

Overhead Crane Working Speed

The working speed of the crane includes the speed of lifting, amplitude changing, turning and walking.The rise and rise speed of the lifting speed refer to the rising or falling speed of the lifting hook, and the unit is “m/min”.The lifting speed of the crane is related to the lifting speed of the hoisting mechanism, and it is related to the ratio of the hook pulley group.The rope is twice as fast as the rope; the single rope is twice as fast as the double rope.Generally, the lifting speed parameter should be indicated, and the number of rope should be marked.

Amplitude variable amplitude speed is the average line speed of the hook from the maximum to the minimum, and the unit is “m/min”.The pitching amplitude is the amplitude speed up boom boom rising and falling speed, generally falls faster than the arm lifting arm speed.

The rotation speed of the rotary speed refers to the number of revolutions per minute of the crane in the case of no load, and the unit is “r/min”.

Walking speed is the maximum speed of a crane when it is not loaded, and the unit is “m/min”.Walking speed is the maximum speed of a crane when it is not loaded, and the unit is “m/min”. Any need for the crane specification and costs, be free to contact us.

Crane Maintenance

Ellsen Heavy Duty Crane for Sale

Analysis and elimination of crane fault inspection

The whole crane and its components and metal structures are under the action of overload stress, repeated stress, and environmental corrosion, and gradually produce defects from their own failure mechanism. These defects are divided into one defect and two defects. Loosening, deformation, wear, fracture and deterioration are a defect. They are called direct defects. Defects due to a defect are called two defects, such as vibration, noise, heat, leakage, pollution and so on. These defects (failure modes), through the transmission mechanism, will affect the overall performance and strength of the crane. The change of the fault mode and nature and strength is the sign of the anomaly: the observation and measurement of the parameters of the symptoms can predict the occurrence of the fault.

LB exp-proof top running bridge crane for sale
LB exp-proof top running bridge crane for sale

The overhead bridge crane fault diagnosis technology includes two parts: one is the primary technology to diagnose the normal condition of the crane, the simple diagnostic technology is mainly implemented by field operators; the two is the precise diagnosis technology, which is mainly implemented by professionals for decision-making.

Function of simple diagnostic technique

  • The tending control of the stress and the detection of abnormal stress in a crane or part.
  • The deterioration of the crane or its equipment, the trend control of the fault and the early discovery.
  • The trend control and abnormal detection of the performance and efficiency of the crane or its equipment.
  • The trend control and abnormal detection of the performance and efficiency of the crane or its equipment.
  • Points out parts or structures showing fault performance.
Ellsen Underhung Crane for Sale
Ellsen Underhung Crane for Sale

The goal of the precise diagnostic technology of precision diagnostic technology is to diagnose the “probably abnormal” location by special diagnostic technology, so as to determine the necessary measures and techniques. It should have the following functions:

  • Determine the type and type of abnormal.
  • Analysis and elimination of crane fault inspection
  • Understand the cause of the abnormality.
  • Understand the degree of danger and predict the results of its development.
  • Understand the way to eliminate the failure state.

A method of obtaining diagnostic information

Ellsen Garage Crane for Sale
Ellsen Garage Crane for Sale

There are two main methods to obtain diagnostic information, one is the direct observation and judgment of the senses, and the two is instrument detection and analysis. The first hand information on the condition of parts and components can be obtained by the direct sensory observation, and then the judgment is made according to the experience. This method can only make qualitative judgments about the observed parts, and often use simple instruments to enrich the sensory observation ability. Instrument detection is a special fault diagnosis instrument for crane and parts vibration and noise measurement, temperature measurement, wear particle analysis, crane or parts performance measurement, to quantitative analysis of faults.

Overhead Crane Hook Technology

Ellsen Crane Hook

Optimization design of overhead crane hook based on ANSYS

Ellsen double girder overhead hook crane is one of a hot sale overhead bridge crane warmly recognized by our clients as its low-cost price and high working performance. Here below in this post at our official overhead crane blog, the Company will introduce some key technologies it has employed on its crane hook products.

The bridge crane hook is the most widely used device and the main bearing part of the lifting equipment. The strength of the hook and the rationality of its design are very important to the safety of the crane.Therefore, the modern finite element analysis method is used to analyze the strength of the hook to find the maximum deformation position of the hook, reveal its stress distribution law and dangerous section, and provide a theoretical basis for the research and design of the hook strength, which has important engineering significance.

Ellsen Crane Forged Hook
Ellsen Crane Forged Hook

According to the actual working condition, the restraint and load of the crane hook are treated effectively, and the strength of the overhead bridge crane is analyzed by finite element method. The distribution law of the stress and displacement of the hook is obtained, and the dangerous section of the hook is revealed.On the basis of the finite element analysis, the thickness of the hook is optimized under the premise of ensuring the safety of the hook, and the results are compared before and after optimization.After the optimization, the size of the crane hook is more reasonable, and the weight of the hook is reduced.The analysis and optimization results provide a scientific and reasonable basis for the structural design of crane hook.

Establishment and analysis of finite element model

The structure and parameters of the hook are taken as an example of the main lifting straight hook of the 50t/10t bridge crane of a working grade M5 in the actual production, and its structural form is illustrated as shown.The parameters are as follows: single hook, hook number 40, strength grade is M, the maximum thickness of the hook body horizontal section is 200mm, the maximum thickness of the vertical section of the 170mm 150mm. hook shank diameter, the material is DG20Mn, the yield point of the material is 333MPa, tensile strength 510MPa, elastic modulus and Poisson’s ratio of 0.3, E=2.1ellPa, density 7860kg/m3. hook maximum allowable bending stress: hook straight rod part maximum allowable tensile stress: simple structure without a hook.

Ellsen Crane Hook
Ellsen Crane Hook


The finite element model of the hook is established. The geometric characteristics of some transition angles have little influence on the strength. In the Ansys, the generation probability of the distorted mesh will be increased, the calculation time will be increased, and the calculation accuracy will be affected. Therefore, the modeling should be simplified.The element type chooses the hexahedron structure element Solidl85., the upper part of the hook straight handle is added to the constraint, and the whole degree of freedom is restrained.

Because of the actual process of hoisting, lifting will swing, the tension of rope hanging and vertical direction have a certain angle, according to the engineering practice and floating rules, this angle should be controlled at about 30 degrees.Therefore, when the hook load reaches the maximum lifting weight of 50t, and the tension angle of the rope is 30 degrees, the hook is at the most unfavorable load limit condition.

The diameter of the cable for hanging heavy object is D=28mm, that is, the load acting section is about D and the maximum thickness of the middle vertical section of the hook.The load acting on the hook of the suspended cargo rope is simulated by applying the uniformly distributed load on the surface of the 30 sides of the middle vertical plane of the hook.

Mesh generation, adding constraints and applying surface loads are obtained.

The maximum stress of the hook occurs on the inside of the main bending section of the hook (horizontal section), and the maximum stress is 157MPa. The maximum stress of the main bending section (horizontal section) of hook body is about 87MPa, which is less than the allowable stress 214.84MPa.

Hook hook body in the vertical section of the internal stress is larger, as another dangerous section, the maximum stress is about 104MPa.

Ellsen Crane Hook Technology
Ellsen Crane Hook Technology

The maximum tensile stress of the straight bar of the hook is 69.6MPa, less than the allowable stress 102MPa., so the actual analysis of the stress value is far less than the yield limit of the material, the stress margin is large, indicating that the hook is very safe and can be optimized.

The hook on the hook load optimization force and safety factor requirements are met, the maximum thickness can be reduced and the hook straight shank diameter to optimize the structure and size, the maximum thickness of the horizontal section is reduced from 200mm to 180mm, the maximum thickness of the vertical section is decreased from 170mm to 155mm, shank diameter decreased from 150mm to load 135mm. then applied approximately: the optimized hook remodeling, the constraint remains unchanged, the finite element analysis is carried out again.

Any needs of our hook crane products, please be free to contact us.


Overhead Bridge Crane Classification

For customer crane selection facility, right here on this page, Ellsen Overhead Bridge Crane Factory lists some kinds of overhead bridge cranes for general purpose application. The following specifications of the bridge cranes are all available for your business at factory price.Detailed description of the overhead traveling crane classification:Universal Bridge Crane: General purpose overhead crane is the general purpose bridge crane working in general environment.The following types of cranes belong to general purpose bridge cranes.

General Hook Bridge Crane

The general hook bridge crane consists of metal structure, big car running mechanism, trolley running mechanism, lifting mechanism, electrical appliance, and control system and cab.The extracting device is a hook.1 lifting mechanisms with rated lifting capacity less than 10T; more than 16T usually have two hoisting mechanisms.This kind of crane can load and transport materials and equipment in a variety of operating environments.

double girder 10 ton bridge crane with hook for sale
double girder 10 ton bridge crane with hook for sale

Grab Bridge Crane

The grab bridge crane is consist of a grab bucket, and the steel rope is connected with the grab lifting, lifting mechanism, and opening and closing mechanism respectively.It is mainly used for bulk cargo, scrap iron and steel, wood and other loading and unloading operations.In addition to lifting and closing mechanism, the structure of the overhead grabbing crane is the same as that of the general hook bridge crane.

Ellsen Double Girder Grab Crane for Sale
Ellsen Double Girder Grab Crane for Sale

Electromagnetic Bridge Crane

The basic structure of the electromagnetic bridge crane is the same as that of the hook bridge crane, and the difference is that 1 DC lifting electromagnet (also called electromagnetic sucker) is hung on the hook, which is used to lift the magnetic black metal and its products.Usually, the AC power supply is converted into a DC power supply by the thyristor generator box or the thyristor DC box installed in the driver’s cab, and then the DC power supply is sent to the lifting electromagnet by the flexible cable reel on the small frame.

40t Electromagnetic crane with carrier beam for sale
40t Electromagnetic crane with carrier beam for sale

Dual Purpose Bridge Crane

There are 3 types of dual-purpose bridge crane: grab hook bridge crane, electromagnetic hook bridge crane and grab electromagnetic overhead crane.It features two sets of independent lifting mechanisms on 1 cars, one for grab, one for the hook (or one for electromagnetic chuck, one for the hook, one for grab and one for electromagnetic chuck).

Wanna have your own Dual Purpose Bridge Crane

Three Purpose Bridge Crane

Three purposes double girder bridge crane is a multi-purpose crane.Its basic structure is the same as that of the electromagnetic overhead crane.According to the need, it can lift heavy objects with hooks, also can hang 1 motor grabs on the hook, loading and unloading materials, can also grab the bucket off, and then hang the electromagnetic disk lifting black metal, so it is called three use bridge (interchangeable) crane.
Grab bucket * AC power supply, electromagnetic disk * DC power supply. Therefore, the machine must be equipped with an electric generator set or a thyristor DC power box, just like an electromagnetic bridge crane.The crane is suitable for the place where the material is often changed.

Wanna have a customized Three Purpose Bridge Crane

Double Trolley Bridge Crane

This overhead bridge crane is basically the same as a hook bridge crane, but only 2 cranes with the same weight are installed in the bridge frame.This type of machine is used for lifting and loading long shaped objects.
The above overhead bridge crane classification is just for your reference in bridge crane purchasing. Any needs on the above kinds in your industry, be free to contact Ellsen.

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Ellsen Environment Protection Crane Design

Ellsen top running crane for sale

Adopting brand leading new crane manufacturing technologies, Ellsen can always provide customers excellent individualized crane. Since China’s Opening Up and Reform stimulation, Its environment was badly polluted. Thus manufacturing environmental friendly overhead crane quite meets the trend. Traditional overhead cranes have many weaknesses in logistic, working efficiency, and safe operation. As a critical lifting equipment widely applied in multi-fileds areas, overhead crane R&Dis vital for total industrial economic development.

However, as China’s infrastructure construction continues to increase, the variety of crane equipment and the increasing number, a large number of crane equipment consumed by the resources, emissions of pollutants on the impact of the environment is growing. In Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities, because the construction site of the mechanical noise disturbance caused by more and more disputes; excavators, loaders, cranes, heavy trucks and other crane equipment emissions caused by

Overhead Top Running Crane Strructure
Overhead Top Running Crane Structure

Air pollution is increasingly serious, has caused the environmental protection departments attach great importance. In addition, since last year’s macro-control, domestic enterprises generally began to look to the international market, however, due to exhaust emissions are not compliance, product exports have been seriously hampered. Now, environmental protection and energy conservation has become China’s crane equipment industry cannot be ignored.


Ellsen crane has new manufacturing technology, energy saving, and environmental protection crane equipment energy saving and environmental protection is the policy requirements

In recent years. With the introduction of the “second five” policy, in response to the crane equipment industry to take the green manufacturing road calls more and more loud, with the international economic development. China’s crane equipment enterprises are also doing the appropriate scale adjustment, however, China’s technology level is still relatively low, the manufacturing industry chain process is not only the low utilization of energy, but also produce a lot of heavy oil pollution, which for China’s crane equipment Development will undoubtedly cause great obstacles. Take the green road strategy is not only in line with the principle of harmonious development of the world, but also help the crane equipment enterprises to alleviate the current pressure. For the long-term development of enterprises into the water.

hoist gearing system
hoist gearing system

Recently, the State Council executive meeting, further clarified to speed up the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry, promote information consumption, we can see that both have the characteristics of economic restructuring, but also has a strong economic power industry, has become the main goal of the current policy tilt.

As early as the State Council proposed to speed up the transformation of shantytowns. Some organizations are expected. There will be more in line with the “steady growth, structural adjustment, promote reform” coordinated development of the industry, will be subject to policy concerns. In the July 12 executive meeting of the State Council, energy conservation and environmental protection industry favored, and the difference is that the meeting in the details of the work put forward very clear requirements:

First, to create a favorable market and policy environment. Improve the standards, improve the price, fees and land policy;

Second, we must speed up the construction of key energy-saving environmental protection projects, improve the sewage pipe network and other urban environmental infrastructure, green building operations;

Third, is to increase the central budget investment and energy-saving emission reduction special funds to support efforts to continue to arrange state-owned capital operating budget expenditure to support key enterprises to implement energy-saving environmental protection projects. Extensive international exchanges and cooperation;

Fourth, to promote energy saving and renewable products consumption. Government official car, the bus to the first to promote the use of new energy vehicles, synchronized improve the supporting facilities. To 2015, so that efficient energy-saving products market share increased to 50% or more;

Fifth, to enhance the level of industrial technology and equipment. To promote efficient boilers, high-efficiency motors and other areas of energy-saving technology and equipment upgrades. Speed up the atmosphere, water, soil and other pollution control technology and equipment research and development promotion. Increase the key common technology research, improve the ability of independent innovation. Development and expansion of contract energy management and other energy conservation and environmental protection services.