Crane Structure Composition

In this post, Ellsen overhead bridge crane factory provides some knowledge of crane structures for your reference. The transmission system that can make the crane take some action is referred to as the crane’s mechanism.Due to the needs of lifting and transportation operations, cranes need to move up, down, move, rotate, change, climb and telescope and other actions, and these actions must be completed by the appropriate agencies.

The basic structure of the crane lifting, running, turning and luffing.In addition, tower cranes tower crawler body and cars, tires and other crane-specific telescopic retractable legs.
Each of the cranes consists of four mechanisms, namely a drive, a brake, a transmission and a dedicated device that is directly related to the functioning of the mechanism.
Drives are manpower, mechanical and hydraulic drives.The brake device is a brake.Different types of cranes use a variety of different types of brakes, such as block, disc, band, internal shoe, and cone.

Lifting Mechanism of the Crane

The driving mechanism of the lifting mechanism adopts electric drive as the electric motor.Among them, gourd crane multi-purpose asynchronous squirrel-cage motor, other electric cranes and more use of wound induction motor, or DC motor.The track, rail crane lifting drive is for the internal combustion engine.Car, tire crane lifting mechanism drive is driven by the prime mover hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor.The lifting mechanism is shown in Figure 1.In the picture, the take-up winding device includes a lifting reel (or sprocket), a wire rope (or a chain), a fixed pulley, a movable pulley, a hook (or a grab, a ring, a crane beam, an electromagnetic chuck)

Cane Hoisting Structure
Cane Hoisting Structure

1.Electric motor 2. Brake  2.Reducer 4. material taking and winding device

Crane operating mechanism

Crane operating mechanism can be divided into the rail-type operating mechanism and non-rail-type operating mechanism (tire, track-type operating mechanism), where only rail-type operating mechanism introduced.Rail-line operating mechanism in addition to railway cranes is basically a motor-driven form, as shown in picture 2.This operating mechanism is composed of motor 7, brake 8, reducer 5 and the wheel 1,2 four parts.
Wheel device is composed of the wheel, wheel shaft, bearings and bearing boxes and other components.

The use of rimless wheels is to change the sliding friction of the rim into rolling friction, at which time a horizontal guide wheel should be added.Wheel and wheel shaft connection can be a single key, spline or cone sleeve and other means. Crane operating agencies are divided into centralized drive and drive two kinds of forms.

The centralized drive is a motor driven by the drive shaft on both sides of the wheel running in the form of running agencies, as shown in Figure 2.Centralized drive only suitable for a small-span crane or crane operating mechanism.

Crane Drive Structure
Crane Drive Structure

1.sub-wheel 2. main-wheel 3. coupling 4. transmission shaft 5.reducer 6. full gear coupling 7. motor 8.brake 9. open-gear 10. bear 11. coupling 12. compensating shaft 13. braking-wheel coupling

The separate drive is on both sides of the wheel by 2 sets of the independent mechanical drive mechanism in the form of links, as shown in Picture 3.

The operating mechanism that is driven separately
The operating mechanism that is driven separately

1. Motor 2. Brake 3. Gear reducer 4. Wheel unit

With the development of hoist crane technology, the motor uses tapered brake motor, the two functions of drive and brake combined, and further developed into the motor, brake and reducer combined into one, no longer need to link The shafts are connected to form a very compact unit, known as a conical brake motor, which has now been applied to cranes and carts as shown in Picture 4.

The three in one operation mechanism is driven separately
The three in one operation mechanism is driven separately

1. “Three in one” drive 2. Wheel device

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