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Crane Solution Suggestions Grab Crane

Do you just start your own business? Do you have a little knowledge about the overhead grab crane? Are you eager to find look for an overhead crane with a grab for your garbage factory or grain workstation? Here is good news for you. Our Crane Machinery, as a dedicated crane manufacturer in China, can serve for you with its excellent crane solutions.

Mutual Contact and And Cooperation for an Ideal Grab Crane Design

May every client has different demands on the specific needs of the cranes. Thus, communication with the clients, making clear their specific demands is of vital importance for our crane manufacturing center provides the best crane perfectly matching for our clients’ working conditions. Thus,  please tell us the following questions when you contact us:

1. Rated load(t):
2. Lifting height(m):
3. Span(m):
4. power source: __v/__hz/__phase?
5.which kind of goods does it lift :
6. crane working condition or environment:
7. how long meters does your crane travel?

More detailed information welcome to email us, then we will talk into detail.

grab crane
Remote Control Grab Overhead Crane for Sale

Manufacturing Cranes With Your Personalized Demands

Once our crane experts make clear what types of cranes you need, the crane factory can provide and manufacturer the crane for your facility. The manufactured grab crane can perfectly meet your individual needs. Tailored cranes can permit through every part of our crane. If you need different the crane with explosion-proof performance or different types of grabs, you can tell, we can meet your such demands available for you.

In addition, we can serve you grabs cranes with different capacities. Low-cost cranes with grabs(small cranes) and heavy-duty high-performance grab cranes are both available for your choice.  If you own a factory has higher requirements on the lifting weights of the materials, we recommend our heavy lift cranes for your choice. Clients with little demands on the crane performance, select a low-cost grab crane with light duty would be a reasonable decision.