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How to make the use of the bridge crane?

In the current industrial production, the overhead bridge crane plays an important role, which can bring great convenience to the production activities of people. The longer the use of bridge cranes can extend the cost of purchasing new machines, how can the use of bridge cranes be used longer?

LED Design for Overhead Crane
LED Design for Overhead Crane

as a matter of fact, the service life of the bridge crane is related to many factors, and the standardization and maintenance of the overhead crane have a very important influence on the service life of the double beam crane. Therefore, the customer must pay attention to it.

In the process of use, bridge cranes should be carried out according to the corresponding operating specifications and requirements, and comply with the corresponding safety standards. In the process of using the whole bridge crane, they can not operate at will and do not operate violating. For example, the requirements on the load and the use requirements under different environment are different.

Ellsen 25ton double girder overhead crane for sale
Ellsen 25ton double girder overhead crane for sale

in addition, it is important to think of the use of bridge cranes for longer and necessary maintenance, because the performance and quality of the cranes are usually affected by a certain time, which requires us to maintain a reasonable maintenance of the whole machine, to carry out good nursing from its basic surface and internal structure, to ensure the weight of the bridge type. The machine can be well maintained after different operations.

For customers, the longer the use of overhead cranes, the lower the overall cost, which can effectively save user costs.

Accidents Prevention

Right here in this post, Ellsen overhead bridge crane factory provides you some analysis of crane accidents happening and tips to solve and prevents such tragedies.

As one of the eight categories of special equipment crane, the accident rate has been high in recent years for many reasons, for many reasons, including the standard lag, lack of forward-looking design, manufacturing process behind the level of lax quality control, Use management is not in place. To reduce the occurrence of crane accidents, we can start from the aspects of revision of relevant rules and standards and strengthening of supervision and management.

Ellsen Electromagnetic Crane for Sale
Ellsen Electromagnetic Crane for Sale

Lifting machinery according to national regulations is one of eight categories of special equipment. Regardless of the device itself or the use of links, from the security requirements, it and several other special devices, the danger is not large. However, according to statistics released by AQSIQ in recent years, the absolute number of accidents caused by crane accidents and casualties has always been at the top of eight categories of special equipment. In 2009, AQSIQ has taken the safety of lifting appliances as the focus of the annual “three operations” and hoped that the goal of reducing the safety accidents of lifting appliances would be achieved through remediation.

Why will the accident rate of cranes be high? We have many years experience in the safety inspection of lifting machinery, mainly for the following reasons.

Accident rate remains high for complicated reasons

Standard lag. The lag of the standard revision led to the desalination of crane design innovation. China’s crane design is based on “Crane Design Code” GB3811-1983, design safety requirements are mainly “Lifting Machinery Safety Code” GB6067-1986. The two common technical specifications standards introduced in the 1980s, the hoisting machinery for the standard management has played a decisive role. However, with the current mass production of heavy lifting machinery and put into use, as well as the improvement of production technology, the use of new materials, resulting in the standard cannot be applied in some occasions. “Crane Safety Regulations” is the main theoretical basis for lifting machinery inspection regulations, the 2009 version of the new inspection has been promulgated and started on April 1 this year, and its theoretical basis for “lifting machinery safety regulations” The revised version has not yet been introduced. Once the new regulations and new safety rules have greater discrepancies, inspection agencies will feel at a loss as to the inspection of hoisting machinery.

Ellsen overhead crane 5 ton for sale
Ellsen overhead crane 5 ton for sale

Design forward-looking enough.

Some lifting machinery manufacturers in the development of new product design, there is a force component in a variety of environments to consider the situation of the load is not sufficient. The reliability of the braking system of the hoisting mechanism is the key factor that determines the safety performance of the hoisting machinery. The accidents of the hoisting machinery in use are mostly related to the hoisting mechanism. The lifting mechanism is basically the use of electromagnet electromechanical brakes, the key to the reliability of the operation of the solenoid coil control, and crane electrical control system design is our country more than 20 years has been the weak link.

The level of manufacturing technology behind.

China’s lifting machinery standards and European standards there are some differences, resulting in lifting machinery joint ventures in China is difficult to form a climate. Some small and medium-sized crane equipment itself has still to be improved. In addition, due to market competition, the profitability of manufacturing enterprises is also very limited, and the funds invested in the research and development of new products are limited.

Single Girder traveling crane for sale
Single Girder traveling crane for sale

Poor quality control installation.

Crane installation has always been the acceptance of the final acceptance inspection, the entire installation process of quality control depends entirely on the quality of workers and technical level. Equipment installation process is actually a continuation of the manufacturing process, the site operating conditions worse than the manufacturing process. Lifting machinery manufacturing and construction norms on the process of construction process control and there is no clear standards and requirements, to a large extent, led to the installation of low-level construction, especially illegal operation and some construction technology to bring the hidden And structural defects to the accident has laid a hidden danger. April 1 new regulations began to implement, the ultimate acceptance inspection of lifting machinery for the entire installation process supervision and inspection for the future installation of lifting machinery to provide a strong guarantee of quality.

Use management is not in place.

The accident occurred in the use of links is the focus of the entire crane safety accidents, and the management of the use of units in place is the main reason. Management here refers mainly to the management of people and equipment. With the restructuring of state-owned enterprises and the development of private-owned enterprises, it is difficult to ensure that every crane is operated by a qualified person. In addition, the private-owned owners of special equipment safety awareness is also an important factor affecting the safety of lifting machinery. On the other hand, the equipment management includes routine inspection and planned maintenance of the equipment. The daily inspection is mainly the inspection of the safety performance of the equipment and is often the most easily overlooked. Some companies even annual lifting machinery repair plan is not arranged. In addition, the illegal operation is also the main cause of accidents in the course of using a crane.

Ellsen Travelling Crane for Sale
Ellsen Travelling Crane for Sale

There are other reasons for safety accidents in lifting machinery, such as the use of the environment, load classification, illegal or super-qualified lifting machinery may be the cause of the accident.

Grasp the key to radical cure

How to reduce the occurrence of crane safety accidents, as a crane inspector, we think we should start with the following aspects:

  • First, promulgated (revised) in line with the current lifting machinery industry production, installation and use requirements and give full consideration to synchronize with the international general technical standards, such as “lifting machinery safety regulations,” the amendment should focus on the lifting mechanism brake control , Make full use of electric brake auxiliary brake function to brake protection.
  • Second, encourage Chinese and foreign cooperation in the production of lifting machinery in China, the introduction of advanced technology to improve the technological content and safety performance of lifting machinery and the overall manufacturing level of China’s lifting machinery.
  • Third, strengthen the supervision and management of lifting machinery industry, crack down on the illegal and over-range production of lifting machinery. In the policy to those high-tech and high safety crane manufacturer tilt, phase out or shut down some low-tech, low-safety performance, low-cost market competition, encourage enterprises to introduce lifting machinery manufacturers High-tech personnel, especially the control of personnel, on the crane to carry out a new concept of design.
  • Fourth, strict quality supervision departments at all levels of the legal training of workers, especially the use of internal units to strengthen post operation and management skills training, highlighting the responsibility system responsible for the production safety system, and strengthen the main responsible person’s special equipment safety awareness and regulate the operation Personnel work processes and improve the safety awareness of special operations staff engaged in promoting the use of lifting machinery and equipment units on the day of the management mode.
  • Fifth, due to a long period of supervision and inspection of lifting machinery is implemented after the completion of the supervision and inspection, so according to the new inspection regulations for the installation process supervision and inspection pending all inspection personnel to change their concepts and improve their business standards. Theoretically, we should strengthen the study and understanding of regulations and understand the weak links in manufacturing and installation so as to formulate feasible guidance documents for inspection operations and ensure the quality of inspection. On this basis, in the past, the regular inspection of hoisting machinery used in the past should be conducted in accordance with the routine test in addition to the inspection and routine inspections, as well as the links that are easy to bring about potential safety hazards and defects in the process of installation and manufacture. Use advanced testing methods to increase some of the necessary testing items to prevent accidents.
  • Sixth, advocate the use of construction sites with lifting machinery supervision and inspection and supervision and management of unobstructed communication to manage ways to ensure that there is a safety hazard construction crane machinery before rectification in place shall not continue to put into use.

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