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Crane LED Design

Cranes have changed a lot in the past few decades. Although some operators still adhere to the original operation mode on lifting equipment that has been used for many years, some people have taken a step ahead and learned to use the advantages of the latest crane technology.

Fortunately, you do not need to buy an overhead bridge crane again to benefit from the latest technology. Next, we look at two simple, cost-effective, small-scale retrofits that will make your existing cranes safer, more efficient, and lower operating costs, even if your crane has been around for decades.

LED Design for Overhead Crane
LED Design for Overhead Crane

LED lighting upgrade
Can make your crane safer
At the same time, you save up to 80% in energy costs
and this is one of the quickest and most economical methods

Because of the lack of overhead light in the factory, which is often blocked by cranes, industrial cranes are usually equipped with lighting facilities. Standard cranes equipped with incandescent lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps or halogen lamps are helpful for lighting, but due to the divergence of the light emitted from them, the operator of the crane from the side can easily look directly at the lights, weakening the s/he sees the lifting of the goods. vision.

The LED lighting is different. Their high concentration of light greatly reduces the risk of blinding by operating lights, making it easier for operators to focus their attention on lifting goods and avoid obstacles. Moreover, like traditional types of lighting, LED lamps do not require long (up to 20 minutes) cooling before restarting. You can turn it off as needed. When you replace the existing lighting equipment on the standard 10-ton industrial crane with LED lamps, you can save up to 80% of the energy consumption for the crane. In general, the maximum power motor is a hoist motor, and the hoist motor is not continuously driven, so most of the energy consumption is in lighting facilities. Large cranes can also save 40-50% of the energy costs of the entire crane.

Other benefits: LED lights are instantly lit, long life, and do not need to be replaced as frequently as traditional lighting. At present, the new generation of LED lamps has a service life of up to 10 years under normal use. In contrast, standard lighting is more easily damaged by vibration and normal use, and it may need to be replaced every two to four years.

Refitting a crane with LED lighting is quite simple. If the crane is already equipped with lighting, just replace the light elements and switches. Due to the low energy consumption of LEDs, existing transformers are usually sufficient. If the crane is not currently equipped with lighting facilities, We can provide transformers, relays and all necessary components as well as installation instructions. Either way, replacements, and upgrades usually take less than a day. If you do not want to replace it yourself, technicians can help.

Remote upgrade
A simple ergonomic change
You can change your crane and workflow

How many of us get up to tune in the television channel? Running out. We use an easy-to-use remote control on our comfortable sofa or recliner. However, tens of thousands of cranes all over the world are still using communicators to control equipment. The operator must leave the Communicator position to operate the load and then move back to the Communicator position to move the load – coming and going back and forth numerous times a day.

If your operator can use the remote control at any time, how long can he save? More importantly, the remote control provides the operator with the safest way to operate the crane and the best field of view without being limited by the length of the communicator cable or the position of the mobile.

Crane Factory with New Crane Design
Crane Factory with New Crane Design

The operator can make faster, better and safer choices and move the crane to the best position. In some cases, the remote control can help the operator to perform certain tasks independently without the need for operators and assemblers to work together. When the plant crane covers a long period of time (sometimes 100 meters or more), the advantages of the remote control are even more pronounced.

Most standard cranes can complete remote control conversions in one day or less. The CXT crane’s remote control and communicator use the same plug, so the upgrade plan is very simple. We can also modify remote controls for cranes with single and double hoists manufactured by other crane manufacturers, such as standard cranes, heavy-duty cranes and fine-manipulated cranes.

Each manager has the best understanding of the operation processes and processes of his factory
Why don’t you think about the efficiency of these two upgrades for your work?
What impact will it have?
It can be said with certainty
If you try to use LED lights or remote control on the crane
Then you will get the benefits of energy saving and safer
And there are opportunities to increase your productivity