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After-sales service

Golee Group has established 8 service networks including more than 60 after-sales service engineers for the overseas market. They all unified management and deployment by the specialized agencies-Customer service center, and establish a detailed customer file. The electrical and mechanical after service engineer`s technical level and skill are fully qualified for the installation, adjustment, commissioning, training, and advice the user`s operators and provide free technical advisory service etc.

1. Installation and commissioning and the acceptance

We send after service engineers to help installation, commissioning of the equipment.

Returning visit for each set of equipment after installation by the specialized department.

2. Technical material, warranty, and technical service

We offer the customer training for the operator and maintenance worker, and also provide free technical advisory services.

We supply lifelong service for the equipment.

3. Spare parts service

We offer the original, authentic, quality spare parts for the equipment maintenance.

4. Our service is available at 7*24hours every week.

 How to contact us?

If your machines that bought from us have any failures, you can email us or give us a call.

Extend Your Bridge Crane Service Life

How to make the use of the bridge crane?

In the current industrial production, the overhead bridge crane plays an important role, which can bring great convenience to the production activities of people. The longer the use of bridge cranes can extend the cost of purchasing new machines, how can the use of bridge cranes be used longer?

LED Design for Overhead Crane
LED Design for Overhead Crane

as a matter of fact, the service life of the bridge crane is related to many factors, and the standardization and maintenance of the overhead crane have a very important influence on the service life of the double beam crane. Therefore, the customer must pay attention to it.

In the process of use, bridge cranes should be carried out according to the corresponding operating specifications and requirements, and comply with the corresponding safety standards. In the process of using the whole bridge crane, they can not operate at will and do not operate violating. For example, the requirements on the load and the use requirements under different environment are different.

in addition, it is important to think of the use of bridge cranes for longer and necessary maintenance, because the performance and quality of the cranes are usually affected by a certain time, which requires us to maintain a reasonable maintenance of the whole machine, to carry out good nursing from its basic surface and internal structure, to ensure the weight of the bridge type. The machine can be well maintained after different operations.

For customers, the longer the use of overhead cranes, the lower the overall cost, which can effectively save user costs.

Bridge Crane Maintenance

The working environment of the crane is abominable, and most of it works in the environment of high temperature, high dust, and even in the environment containing harmful gases. According to the actual working environment, such as the metallurgical crane electric room need to take heat insulation and dust to increase the cooling air cooler and other cooling measures.
Frequency converter general installation environment requirements: minimum ambient temperature -10 C, the highest environmental temperature of 40 degrees. Studies have shown that the failure rate of the transducer increases exponentially with the increase of temperature, and the service life decreases exponentially with the increase of temperature. The life of the converter will be reduced by half if the ambient temperature is increased by 10 degrees. Summer is the frequent season of frequency converter failure, to ensure the long-term stability and reliable operation of the frequency converter, the key is to the daily maintenance.

Precautions for installation the of frequency converter

When installing the frequency converter, please pay attention to the following points:

  • The installation space needs to ensure that the frequency converter has sufficient heat dissipation space. When space is reserved, please consider the heat dissipation of other devices in the cabinet.
  • Please install the frequency converter vertically to facilitate the upward emission of heat. If there are a number of converters in the cabinet, please install it in parallel. Please install the thermal baffle on the crane when the frequency converter needs to be installed on upside and downside in the crane
  • Please make sure that the flame retardant material is used as the mounting bracket for the mounting bracket.
  • For the application of metal dust, it is suggested that the installation of a radiator cabinet be adopted. At this time the full – sealed cabinet space should be as large as possible.
  • Downtime maintenance of frequency converter
  • Monitor and record the display parameters on the touch screen of the inverter, and find that the exception should be reflected immediately.
  • Monitoring and recording the ambient temperature of the VVVF room, the ambient temperature should be between -10 and 40.
  • The filter net on the converter cabinet usually should be cleaned once a week; if there is more dust in the working environment, the clearance interval should be shortened according to the actual situation.
  • In the normal operation of the inverter, a standard thickness of A4 paper should be adsorbed on the door into the air filter net.
  • The frequency conversion room must be kept clean and should be cleaned at any time according to the actual situation in the field.
  • The ventilation and lighting of the frequency conversion room must be good, and the ventilation equipment can operate normally.
  • The temperature of the outlet of the power unit cabinet of the inverter cannot exceed 55 degrees C.
  • Precautions for use of inverter when it stops
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a plastic nozzle to thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the inverter cabinet to ensure that there is no excessive dust around the equipment.
  • The ventilation and lighting of the frequency conversion room must be good, and the ventilation equipment can operate normally.
  • Check the ventilation of the inverter room, lighting, ventilation equipment to normal operation.
  • Check all grounding in the inverter cabinet, all of them should be reliable, no rust at the grounding point.
  • Check the inverter bypass cabinet high-voltage switch operation whether are normal and can be properly closing and breaking.
  • After commissioning of the inverter, please re-check the nuts that fasten the internal cables of the inverter.
  • Within six months, fasten the nuts of the internal cable of the inverter once more.
  • After six months, fasten the nuts of the inverter’s internal cables once every six months.
  • After the inverter resumes operation for a long time, it should measure the insulation of the inverter (including the phase-shifting transformer and the main circuit of bypass cabinet) and should use 1500V megameter. After the test insulation qualified, can start the frequency changer.

Inverter routine maintenance

  • Strengthen the inspection, arranging someone responsible for the daily maintenance of the inverter;
  • Run the data record.
  • Write inverter running record list, regularly record inverter and a motor running data, including inverter output frequency, output current, output voltage, inverter internal DC voltage, radiator temperature and other parameters, and reasonable data comparison to facilitate early Found hidden trouble
  • Ensure that the inverter room ambient temperature -10 ~ 40 ℃. Set someone to detect inverter cooling fan roof is normal, the door filter is clogged. Make sure that the cooling air duct is clear. The specific method is: a standard thickness of A4 paper on the filter on the door, the paper should be adsorbed on the inlet window.
  • In order to ensure the smoothness of the cooling air duct, the filter should be cleaned once a week. If there is more dust on the site, the cleaning interval should also be shortened.
  • At any time record and monitor the inverter operating frequency, current and phase-shifting transformer temperature. Phase-shift transformer temperature cannot exceed 130 ℃.
Double Girder Overhead Crane for Sale
Double Girder Overhead Crane for Sale

Environmental monitoring

  • When the temperature is higher in summer, the ventilation in the frequency conversion installation site should be strengthened. Make sure there is no excessive dust, acid, salt, corrosive and explosive gas in the surrounding air;
  • Summer is a rainy season, to prevent the installation of the inverter environment, no raindrops into the inverter.
  • Check the tightness of all electrical connections to see no abnormal discharge traces of each circuit, no strange odor, discoloration, cracks, damage and so on.
  • After each maintenance of the inverter, it is necessary to carefully check whether there are missing screws and wires, etc., to prevent small metal objects caused by the short-circuiting inverter. Especially after making major changes to the electric circuit, ensure that the connection of the electric connecting wire is correct and reliable and prevent the occurrence of “back-in” accident.


In short, during summer crane inverter maintenance, pay attention to the temperature of the inverter installation environment, regularly clean the dust inside the inverter to ensure the smoothness of the cooling air duct. Strengthen inspection to improve the frequency converter, motor, and the surrounding environment. Check the terminal is tightened, to ensure that the electrical back to the correct and reliable connection.
Cranes in use, the movement of parts will inevitably wear, loose connectors, oil deterioration, corrosion of metal structures, causing the crane’s technical performance, economic performance and safety performance to varying degrees. Therefore, the crane parts wear has not yet reached the extent of the crane failure, in order to prevent and eliminate hidden dangers, to ensure that the crane is often in good condition, the crane should be maintained and maintained. Through the maintenance of the crane, crane or mechanism to effectively extend the repair interval, including the overhaul cycle, to prevent unnecessary downtime, thereby extending the service life of cranes.

Crane Safety Operation Guides

Safety knowledge of aerial work in single girder underhung cranes

Electric single-girder underhung cranes and CD1, MD1-type electric hoist supporting the use of rail light rail to form a small crane. This machine is mostly used in machinery manufacturing. Assembly workshops and warehouses, caves and other places. Running track with I-beam.

This product is intermediate (A5) working system, lifting weight 0.5,1,2,3,5 tons, the span of 3 to 16 meters. Work environment temperature is between 20 ℃ -35 ℃, the control mode is ground control (both wired and wireless).

This product is not suitable for use in flammable and explosive media or in places where there is a high temperature with acids and alkalis or with molten metal, toxic substances, and combustibles which are handled by dry lifting.

Special equipment for purchase, introduction, installation and technological transformation must comply with the relevant national standards for quality and technical supervision, safety and hygiene regulations, especially for the selection and procurement of crane machinery with great danger, prior approval of safety and equipment departments.

The crane purchased in the factory, to go through the local municipal quality and technical supervision departments of safety and technical inspection, and obtained “Crane Safety Technical Supervision Certificate” issued randomly.

Installation of lifting machinery units to obtain qualification certificates, installation personnel have a certificate of operation, the permit can be engaged in lifting machinery installation and submitted to the higher security, the competent authorities for the record review.

Crane prior to the commissioning of the trial, the installation unit must first self-test, and fill in the self-test report, pay the receiving unit after the pre-acceptance of qualified (complete record should be) by the superior in charge of safety, equipment testing, acceptance before being able to invest Test run.

The formal inspection and acceptance must be carried out in accordance with the technical, safety and equipment department regulations of the supervisor and the “three simultaneous” management standards for labor protection.

Strengthen the management of cranes. Conscientiously implement the crane management system and safety inspection system, do a good job of regular inspection crane, maintenance, maintenance, promptly eliminate hidden dangers, so that crane is always in good working condition.

Strengthen the education and training of crane operators, strictly enforce safe operating procedures, enhance the ability to operate technical skills and handle emergencies.

Grab Crane Manufacturers

Grab crane manufacturers for everyone to introduce the use of grab crane requirements, specifications and classification; grab crane is a kind of automatic pick-up machine, grab and unload its material movements by the unloader driver manipulation, not Need auxiliary personnel, thus avoiding the heavy labor of workers, saving auxiliary working hours, greatly improving the handling efficiency. Grab cranes are generally divided into bridge grab crane, gantry crane, folding arm grab crane.

Grab crane two major features

For example: grab crane before the birth, loading and unloading ore dock, the warehouse with 12 to 16 workers, each a shovel, a group of two, each holding a large net pocket, a shovel a spade Wang pocket net to pocket shovel mineral powder, a net bag up to 4 tons of cargo network. A net shovel full, then use the crane to hang up. A warehouse only up to 200 tons of cargo 8 hours. Today, large ship unloading ore, ore handling more than 2,000 tons per hour, greatly providing production efficiency.
For example: grab crane before the birth, the dock loading and unloading of logs, the warehouse with 4 to 6 workers, first with small wire rope in the pile of cross-section of the crevice to wear to wear, surrounded the estimated area will be Two ends of the small wire rope hanging on the crane hook, lifting 1 to 2 meters away, so that one end of the wood upturned, and then workers take a 16-28 wire rope, wire rope front there are heavy hooks, from being lifted With the empty block in the woodpile thrown past, the other side of the workers quickly catch, or wire rope hooks will fall into the woodpile groove, the workers reluctant to pull the wire rope to re-thrown, or the other side of the workers with long wood The tools on the sticks hook up the rope, and the hooks hang on the wire rope to bind the logs … During this process, the logs may roll and crush the workers’ hands and feet. It is also possible that workers may bundle more logs and the ropes are empty Interrupted, a dozen or dozens of logs fall in the air, will kill people. Later, sailing invented wood grab, greatly reducing the personal injury accident.

Use Grab Overhead Crane Notice

  • Crane operators should operate the crane.
  • It is prohibited for anyone to stay on the crane while the crane is working.
  • The crane should be at least 0.5 m above the highest obstacle on the heavy running line when running with heavy loads.
  • Do not throw items directly from the crane.
  • It is forbidden to put inflammable goods on the crane. Tools and supplies must be placed in a special box, prohibited on the cart or car, so as not to fall.
  • Do not lift heavy objects across the human head.
  • In operation, found that the crane has an abnormal phenomenon must immediately stop inspection, troubleshooting after work.
  • When the crane’s lifting brake suddenly fails, the driver should calm down and take appropriate measures according to the specific circumstances. If the surrounding environment does not allow.
  • The object to be dropped directly, you can repeatedly lift, and start the car choose a good place to drop objects to be dropped, do not let it free fall.
  • When lifting the grab, the hoisting ropes should be made equal to the opening and closing ropes so that the wire rope can be evenly loaded.
  • Grabbing is not allowed to grab the entire piece.
  • Before each shift, check the fastening of the rope at the hanging of the grab and the condition of the guide wheel of the grab open-close rope.

Grab crane important parts grab presentation

With the development of society, some intensive manual labor is gradually replaced by mechanical production. Crane is one of the most widely used industrial machinery. It has the functions of reducing labor intensity, saving manpower, reducing construction cost, improving product quality and speeding up Construction, construction mechanization of the construction plays a very important role.
grab, crane loading and unloading bulk material is a pick-up device, mainly for a large number of bulk loading and unloading of objects. It is grabbed and unloaded by the driver operating in the driver’s room, without the assistance of auxiliary staff, which work efficiently, widely used in ports, railway stations, mines, yard and so on. The generation of grab crane to avoid the heavy labor of workers, saving the auxiliary working hours, greatly improving the handling efficiency, and can avoid personal injury workers and improve product safety.
the mining industry, the use of grab for underground operations and the demolition of open-pit mines, loading operations, also showed its unique advantages. In the construction site, also received good results. At present, the scope of use of grab at home and abroad is expanding day by day, and the types are also increasing gradually for different departments and targets, and the trend of specialization also becomes obvious.

Grab crane domestic development status quo

The research and development of engineering cranes in our country started in the 1950s and 1960s and experienced the introduction and absorption from the late 1970s to the 1980s and the self-development stage since the 1990s. At present, the overall lifting engineering is becoming more and more common, which requires Lifting crane lifting capacity, operating range and height of more and more. Large lifting hoisting equipment from the past by a single pole way, and gradually expanded into a high-performance, more secure and reliable large-scale mobile crane as the core lifting equipment.

China’s grab design is subject to technical limitations, more of a single function, large size, the low degree of automation of the mechanical grab. In recent years, under the hard work of countless technicians, some breakthroughs have been made in the area of grapplings, such as the halberd-type opening and closing mechanism with side positioning, the connecting mechanism with bucket teeth and the edge plate, the closed-loop series connection of hydraulic cylinders Asynchronous open and close multi-jaw grab, station yard unloading logs with rotating positioning device, as well as on the long strut grab has greatly improved torque props push props and so on.

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    1.Crane applications: ?
    2.Load capacity: ton?
    3.Span of the crane: m?
    4.Max. lifting height of the crane: m?
    5.Crane Traveling length: m?
    6.How many hours will the crane work per day?
    7.Project introduction: duration, start time, budget, etc.

    Crane Selection Reference

    Nowadays, the economic development is booming, and more large machines need more services for social development. The cranes here are more outstanding. So, how can we to buy a correct and reliable overhead crane? Today, Our Overhead Bridge Crane Factory will give you a detailed description of the problem of buying a crane.

    It is necessary to buy the actual needs of your own

    Not the most expensive is the best must master this principle.It is the right choice that should stick to your needs. Nowadays many crane models emerge from time to time in, like double beam bridge crane, electromagnetic crane, grab crane, electric hoist, crane hook crane, portable gantry crane and so on. It was different in nature, so the performance is more and more within the play a greater effectiveness, therefore I must choose according to their actual needs.

    Best choice of the famous products of the regular enterprise

    When purchasing crane, you must pay attention to choose the realiable crane manufacturer, because the value of these items is higher, so more and more crane manufacturers are emerging up, but also will affect the progress of the work, resulting in delays, will bring serious damage to your purchasing project, so in order to ensure the quality and performance of guarantee required, you should buy crane through formal channels, such as the direct purchase manufacturers, designated dealers of manufacturers, the official website of the enterprises.

    aicrane LD single girder crane design
    aicrane LD single girder crane design

    The way to choose and buy the crane must be regular

    When purchasing crane, you must pay attention to where the crane is manufactured, because the value of these items is higher, so the problem of wealth loss is serious, but also will affect the progress of the work, resulting in delays, will bring serious damage to my project, so in order to ensure the quality and performance of guarantee required, you should buy the crane through formal channels. There are more manufacturers running direct purchase, manufacturers designated dealers, and you can also buy it through the official website of the enterprise.

    Aicrane HD 5ton single girder crane design
    Aicrane HD 5ton single girder crane design

    Pay attention to your own funding

    Now the price of the crane is very high, so each one of them is very expensive, so you must take it seriously. Thus, when you buy crane you should consider it from your actual consumption level, can not blindly pursue brand without taking into account your consumption ability.
    When you buy cranes, you must pay attention to the above effective notices, so that you can better ensure that you choose more high-quality crane products, providing efficient services for you, improving your working quality.

    Any detailed information or suggestion you need from our crane factory, welcome contact us.

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      Our teams are on hand to provide you with the right lifting solutions.
      FEW TIPS
      1.Crane applications: ?
      2.Load capacity: ton?
      3.Span of the crane: m?
      4.Max. lifting height of the crane: m?
      5.Crane Traveling length: m?
      6.How many hours will the crane work per day?
      7.Project introduction: duration, start time, budget, etc.

      Overhead Crane Installation

      Overhead Crane Installation Steps are As Follow:

      • The structure of bridge crane and the installation of the car
      • The bridge is the main body of the bridge type crane, its erection and assembly have strict technical requirements, and there is a set of strict measurement methods.
      • To measure the installation results.
      • Before the installation will be bundled with the hook off for welding into the girder web, transportation.
      • Installation methods and requirements.
      Electromagnetic 10t double girder crane for sale
      Electromagnetic 10t double girder crane for sale

      The crane, which is required to be erected as a whole, should be supported on a rack that is temporarily lifted by the span of the crane to leave the main beam out of the ground.If the rail can be laid on the shelf, the cartwheel can be placed directly on the rail.Otherwise, the lower level cover of the main beam should be placed near the two ends of the main beam.No matter which method is used, you need to use the level meter to find the right.For rail laying, the horizontal plane is used as a benchmark to find the level. The level of the bridge is measured at the distance between the centerline of the end beam and the center line of the car track when the cushion is under the main girder.Before measuring the horizontal position, the end beam should be connected by the method specified by the pattern (or with the hinged hole bolt or the reaming axis).A cone tread wheel should make contact with the side wall of the steel rail flange, to prevent movement and affect the level of accuracy.The quality of a bridge that requires the supporting point of a bridge to be located under the wheel.

      80t bridge crane for sale

      Installation and inspection on the ground are much more convenient than erecting in the air, and it is easy to repair more than the specified error or damaged part.However, due to the limitation of erection and hoisting equipment, sometimes they have to be disassembled, then they are installed on the rail carrying beams of the workshop, then assembled, especially large tonnage cranes.

      The Installation of an Overhead Crane Car

      The assembly of the car is generally installed in the manufacturing plant, and it can be placed on the bridge when it is shipped to the use unit.The car that is transported separately for a variety of reasons should be reassembled and fastened according to the technical requirements of the drawings.The reassembled car should check the size of the small wheels to meet the technical requirements.The inspection methods and specific provisions are the same as the measurement methods mentioned above in the structural installation of the overhead crane and the installation part of the car operation mechanism in the third section of the installation of large and small cars. If you need our crane services, welcome contact us.


      Customers Review Center

      The market can have a say in a business because the market is a consumer-led relationship. A good business and a good product can only be truly welcomed by the public after being tested by the marketplace and the user.  Our Overhead Bridge Crane Factory, in terms of how its product reputation in the market for the company’s sales certainly has a very big impact.

      Our crane products are diverse, we can provide different types and different models of cranes, to meet the different needs of everyone, our cranes adhere to do good performance products, our products have been in the market for some sought after, and the growing number of customers who work with our cranes is a sign of the superiority of our products and the fact that consumers like and support our high-quality products as well as the evaluation of our lifting products.

      In the sale of their products, we also establishes a perfect service guarantee system, which can be seen from the customer’s evaluation.They are still very satisfied with such a sound service system.We can solve the problems related to customers in the first time, and get praises from many consumers.

      Customer evaluation: Quality and cheap crane manufacturers

      In addition to the above quite satisfactory evaluation to our crane manufacturer, there is some more bold and talented fancy evaluation, please take a look:

      Our Crane Customer fancy rating: exchange with this seller, could not help but the spirit of vibration, consciously awakened, I bought in the mall for so many years, have seen different types of customers, but you communicate with the seller, I just want to say the boss you are really good, your noble sentiments are so touching.

      Our Crane Customer fancy rating: Looked at the success of the transaction, I actually had an indescribable sense of grief ~ ~ ah, our cranes such a good crane manufacturer, if in the future I will never encounter, then how should I do?Such a good seller, if others can not see, what a pity? These comments on our crane service and products just for your reference.

      Our Crane Customer Fancy Rating: One Word — Good!(This evaluation although only has one word, but most vividly describes the customer’s heart to our crane manufacturer, which is a perfect interpretation of a thousand words only one word of the highest literary level, highlighting the buyer that the same general knowledge of literature, it can be described as far-reaching artistic conception, but a rare hundred years of good evaluation.)

      Overall, our crane as a qualified crane manufacturer, always adhere to market-oriented, adhere to serve the consumers. In the customer’s mind, it has a good reputation, the company’s various business and business services model has a very good evaluation, Therefore, as a professional manufacturer of crane products manufacturers, our crane manufacturers is your best choice. Any needs about cranes and services, be free to contact us.

      Environment Protection Crane Design

      Adopting brand leading new crane manufacturing technologies, we can always provide customers excellent individualized crane. Since China’s Opening Up and Reform stimulation, Its environment was badly polluted. Thus manufacturing environmental friendly overhead crane quite meets the trend. Traditional overhead cranes have many weaknesses in logistic, working efficiency, and safe operation. As a critical lifting equipment widely applied in multi-fileds areas, overhead crane R&Dis vital for total industrial economic development.

      However, as China’s infrastructure construction continues to increase, the variety of crane equipment and the increasing number, a large number of crane equipment consumed by the resources, emissions of pollutants on the impact of the environment is growing. In Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities, because the construction site of the mechanical noise disturbance caused by more and more disputes; excavators, loaders, cranes, heavy trucks and other crane equipment emissions caused by

      Overhead Top Running Crane Strructure
      Overhead Top Running Crane Structure

      Air pollution is increasingly serious, has caused the environmental protection departments attach great importance. In addition, since last year’s macro-control, domestic enterprises generally began to look to the international market, however, due to exhaust emissions are not compliance, product exports have been seriously hampered. Now, environmental protection and energy conservation has become China’s crane equipment industry cannot be ignored.

      Our crane has new manufacturing technology, energy saving, and environmental protection crane equipment energy saving and environmental protection is the policy requirements

      In recent years. With the introduction of the “second five” policy, in response to the crane equipment industry to take the green manufacturing road calls more and more loud, with the international economic development. China’s crane equipment enterprises are also doing the appropriate scale adjustment, however, China’s technology level is still relatively low, the manufacturing industry chain process is not only the low utilization of energy, but also produce a lot of heavy oil pollution, which for China’s crane equipment Development will undoubtedly cause great obstacles. Take the green road strategy is not only in line with the principle of harmonious development of the world, but also help the crane equipment enterprises to alleviate the current pressure. For the long-term development of enterprises into the water.

      hoist gearing system
      hoist gearing system

      Recently, the State Council executive meeting, further clarified to speed up the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry, promote information consumption, we can see that both have the characteristics of economic restructuring, but also has a strong economic power industry, has become the main goal of the current policy tilt.

      As early as the State Council proposed to speed up the transformation of shantytowns. Some organizations are expected. There will be more in line with the “steady growth, structural adjustment, promote reform” coordinated development of the industry, will be subject to policy concerns. In the July 12 executive meeting of the State Council, energy conservation and environmental protection industry favored, and the difference is that the meeting in the details of the work put forward very clear requirements:

      First, to create a favorable market and policy environment. Improve the standards, improve the price, fees and land policy;

      Second, we must speed up the construction of key energy-saving environmental protection projects, improve the sewage pipe network and other urban environmental infrastructure, green building operations;

      Third, is to increase the central budget investment and energy-saving emission reduction special funds to support efforts to continue to arrange state-owned capital operating budget expenditure to support key enterprises to implement energy-saving environmental protection projects. Extensive international exchanges and cooperation;

      Fourth, to promote energy saving and renewable products consumption. Government official car, the bus to the first to promote the use of new energy vehicles, synchronized improve the supporting facilities. To 2015, so that efficient energy-saving products market share increased to 50% or more;

      Fifth, to enhance the level of industrial technology and equipment. To promote efficient boilers, high-efficiency motors and other areas of energy-saving technology and equipment upgrades. Speed up the atmosphere, water, soil and other pollution control technology and equipment research and development promotion. Increase the key common technology research, improve the ability of independent innovation. Development and expansion of contract energy management and other energy conservation and environmental protection services.