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Bridge Crane Safety Work Standards

Here Our Overhead Bridge Crane Factory provides our tips for clients overhead crane operation facility.

Regulations crane operator must bear in their mind!

  • Operator and commander can start to work after passing the professional training and examination.
  • No lifting anybody. It must be with special safety measures, operated by the appointed driver, and set special person to conduct when lifting important things.
  • The weight of lifted object mustn’t be over the rated weight. No oblique lifting. No lifting the objects which buried in the ground and other locked objects.
  • When it happened to thunderstorms, fog, and over six levels strong winds, it mustn’t start to work. The hook should be lifted the highest position, crane running mechanism should be locked by rail clamp.
  • No using fire to get warm in the crane. No smoking when using oil to clean the parts. No throwing the waste oil and wipe material.
  • The crane must be equipped with the qualified fire extinguishing. When fire, you should immediately cut off the power, use the insulation fire extinguisher to put out the fire.
    When the crane has an electrical fault, it should be repaired by an electrician.
  • TheThe working light used for repair should be under 36V. The rated capacity of each fuse (piece) shall not exceed the specified value, and it must not be arbitrarily increased, not allowed to use the other wire (piece) instead.
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Regular Inspection Work Ensures a Safe and Efficient Work

Crane running mechanism is equipped warning and alarm, check they are good when starting to work. Check whether the terminals of lifting steel wire rope are firm before starting, and they must be without bend and squeeze. Check whether each contactor is intact, the limiter switch is complete, the location is correct. Check whether wire and cable are without damage, each operating handle is intact. Check whether walking track has obstacles or not.
Check whether a contractor, limited switch, and brake are flexible for a no-load run. It can be put into operation after making sure that each mechanism is reliable.
The driver shall obey the command of professional lifting personnel. You can operate after getting the signal. It must be whistle before the operation, pay more attention to operating personnel. It must focus on working.

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Smoking is not allowed, it is also not allowed to do something without the operating and chat with others. Do not leave your jobs during working. No operating after drinking.
During operated and lifted heavy objects by crane, only allowed to listen to the command of a special person. No matter who (include the non-commanding officer) sent an emergency signal, the driver must stop immediately. When lifting heavy objects, firstly lifting an object to 10mm away from grand and stop, continue to operate according to the command signal after making sure that the brake, bundle, lifting point and lifting tool are complete. Do not lift fiercely. No lifting heavy objects directly by using the hook.

When inspection, be Careful with the Safety

  • No standing above or below the object when lifting. The lifting objects are not allowed to across the top of the head.
  • When the lifted objects need to reverse running, you must first adjust the controller board to the zero position. When the agency has stopped and the object is completely smooth, it can do the reverse operation. No stopping by using the reverse operation. Try to avoid the emergency brake.
  • Pay attention to the hook lifting height to prevent the accident from lifting over the limit device.
  • No climbing the bridge crane when it is moving.

What does the overhead crane driver should do for his own safety facility?

The driver should stick to “Ten Don’t” regulations: No lifting when the gesture is not clear; no lifting when the weight is not specific and the light is dim; no lifting if the bundle is not firm and the heavy object bundle is not at the center; no lifting when passed the overload; crooked,pull, slanting lifting is prohibited; no lifting when somebody is at the lifting object and the lifting object is floating; no lifting the oxygen bottle, ethyne bottle and other flammable, explosive objects; no lift when the arris object is not underlaid; no lifting when the object is connected with the buried object; no lifting when the steel, iron water is over and the object does not install the fixed clip.

The above overhead crane inspection standards are just for your reference, wish clients can do the routine maintenance to promote your business safety and crane efficient performance. More specific information welcome to contact us, we have strong crane expert teams can solve all your problems.