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5 ton Overhead Crane for Sale Bahrain

The crane shown below is Aicrane 5 ton overhead crane for sale Bahrain, it is our European standard single girder overhead crane equipped with European type electric wire rope hoist.

This 5ton overhead crane is used in steel structure workshop for handling steel materials from one work cell to another as required.

5ton crane for sale in Bahrain
5ton overhead crane for sale in Bahrain

Our AQ-HD type overhead crane mainly features reasonable design, good work performance, small wheel pressure, less noise, less maintenance, long service life and cost-effective for customers.

Since we have been in crane industry for many years, we are always striving to be a reliable and reputable crane supplier and manufacturer, we recommend suitable and reliable crane solutions to meet clients’ requirements and we also customize cranes for special requirements.

If you are searching for an overhead crane now for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us now for free quotation.

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