40 Ton Overhead Crane

40 ton overhead crane is heavy-duty hoisting equipment. It has very powerful lifting capacity, so 40 ton bridge crane can easily and efficiently lift your items. Besides, 40 ton overhead crane for sale of Ellsen with high safety, good efficiency, stable performance, it is the right choice for your factory. As a professional overhead crane manufacturer, there is a customized service available of us to meet all your special requirements. Buy quality, favorable and reliable 40 ton overhead crane from Ellsen. Get your custom overhead crane now and start your business.

40 ton overhead crane for sale

Ellsen 40 TOn Overhead Crane Parameters

  • Lifting Capacity: 3.2~50t
  • Span Length: 10.5~31.5m
  • Lifting Height: 6~18m
  • Lifting Speed: 0.5/3.4-0.8/5m/min
  • Crane Speed: 3-30m/min
  • Working Class: A5
  • Note: provide customized service


Features of Our 40 ton Overhead Crane

  1. Advanced technology, few maintenances
  2. Excellent design, various types
  3. Simple structure, easy operation
  4. Durable material, long service life
  5. Affordable price, competitive quality
  6. Full remote control option
  7. Reliable safety devices, stable performance
  8. Intimate after-sale service

40 Ton Overhead Crane for Sale

As a global overhead crane manufacturer, we provide safe, reliable and quality 40 ton overhead crane for sale. Generally, 40 ton bridge crane of us is designed into double girder type, this structure can make sure its stable performance when lifts heavy loads. Besides, 40 ton bridge crane is our hot-sale product, nowadays, it has been successfully exported to Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, Russia, Brazil, Canada, and so many other countries. We design and manufacture overhead cranes according to the international standard, and we have very strict quality inspection system to ensure excellent quality.

40 ton industrial overhead crane supplier
40 ton industrial overhead crane

40 Ton Industrial Overhead Crane Parameters

  • Lifting Capacity: 5~50t
  • Span Length: 10.5~31.5m
  • Lifting Height: 6~18m
  • Lifting Speed: 0.2/2-1.07/10.7m/min
  • Crane Speed: 40-68m/min
  • Working Class: A5


Types of Ellsen 40 Ton Bridge Cranes

As a professional bridge crane supplier, we involved in the design, research, and manufacture of overhead cranes for over 40 years. In accordance with the different working conditions, we design 40 ton overhead crane into different types, such as warehouse overhead crane, workshop overhead crane, and garage overhead crane etc. And then according to the different needs of customers, we offer different cranes, such as grab overhead crane, explosion-proof crane, and electromagnetic crane etc. Whether standard 40 ton overhead crane or customized service, we can perfectly meet your requirements.

double girder 40 ton overhead crane sale
double girder 40 ton overhead crane

Double Girder 40 Ton Overhead Crane Parameters

  • Lifting Capacity: 5~120t
  • Span Length: 10.5~31.5m
  • Lifting Height: 6~18m
  • Lifting Speed: 0.2/2-1.07/10.7m/min
  • Working Class: A6, A7
  • Ambient Temperature: -10~50℃


Wide Applications of 40 Ton Overhead Crane

40 ton overhead crane with strong loading capacity, high efficiency, and good performance, it has a very wide range of applications. 40 ton bridge crane can be used in many different working conditions, such as workshop, warehouse, construction site, machinery processing, logistics factory, and mining etc. Moreover, with traveling devices, it can cover a broad working area. By the way, different working situations need different overhead cranes. It is significant for you to choose a correct hoist crane according to your actual condition.

advanced electric 40 ton overhead crane for sale
advanced electric 40 ton overhead crane


40 Ton Overhead Crane Parts and Structures

40 ton electric traveling overhead crane mainly consist of the lifting mechanism, rotating mechanism and traveling mechanism (overhead crane traveling mechanism and trolley traveling mechanism). The strength of electric hoist bridge crane is that it employs a three-to-one driving device. It is composed of a braking device, driving device, and transmission device together. It has a compact structure and lightweight. What is more, 40 ton overhead crane is a double girder crane, compared with single girder overhead crane, it has powerful loading capacity and stable performance.

common double girder 40 ton crane supplier
common double girder 40-ton crane


Want to know a 40 ton overhead crane price?

40 ton overhead crane for sale in Ellsen is a double girder EOT crane. Unlike portable overhead crane or small overhead crane, it has strong loading capacity and large size. Besides, we adopt durable material and advanced technology, which make it a long service life. Though it is not a cheap product, as the leading overhead crane supplier in China, we promise that we have absolutely competitive 40 ton overhead crane price. Order a 40 ton bridge crane from Elsen this month, you can get a big discount. Welcome to contact us for more information about 40 ton bridge crane cost.

Buy 40 Ton Overhead Crane from Ellsen – Safe, Reliable & Quality

As one of the leading overhead crane manufacturer in China, we provide safe, reliable, and quality bridge cranes for customers around the world. And we have definitely competitive strength compared with other suppliers. Firstly, our products have won many international certificates and patents. Secondly, we have a strong production capacity to ensure high quality and fast delivery time. Thirdly, we have professional and dependable engineers to offer intimate service. Buy favorable, quality and safe 40 ton overhead crane from Ellsen. Our customized service is your best choice.

Lifting Capacity Offering of Ellsen Hoist and Crane

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If you are looking for a reliable, safe and environmental 40 ton overhead crane, Ellsen customized bridge crane is best for you. With rich experience in the design, research, manufacture of overhead cranes, we provide excellent after-sale service. Nowadays, we have built 8 service center all over the world. Want to know more information about 40-ton bridge crane? Email us or give us a call.

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