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2 Ton Overhead Crane

2 ton overhead crane is a light-duty overhead crane, and it is commonly a single girder crane. With excellent design, simple structure, reliable performance and favorable price, it is widely used in the workshop, warehouse, garage and storage yard etc.

Aimix group, a professional heavy equipment manufacturer, provides various 2-ton bridge crane for sale. Besides, we are located near Zhengzhou city, the capital of Henan province. We enjoy extremely convenient transportation condition, therefore, we can make sure the fast delivery time. Contact us for the latest price. Looking forward to your message.

2 ton overhead crane
AQ-LD 2 ton overhead crane for sale


AQ-LD 2 Ton Overhead Crane Parameters

  • Lifting capacity: 1-25t
  • Span length: 7.5-31.5m
  • Lifting height: 6-30m
  • Lifting speed: 0.3-8m/min
  • Hoist travelling speed: 20m/min
  • Crane travelling speed: 20m/min
  • Working class: A3~A4
  • Customized service

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Features & Advantages of Aicrane 2 Ton Overhead Crane

  1. Excellent design, simple structure, light dead weight
  2. Extremely convenient transportation, fast delivery time
  3. Easy installation, maintenance, movement and operation
  4. A reliable safety protection system
  5. Strict quality inspection, high quality
  6. Reliable performance, smooth starting, and ending
  7. International famous brand, excellent products
  8. Strong production capacity, high production efficiency, favorable price
2 ton crane for sale
Aicrane 2 ton crane for sale

2 Ton Portable Overhead Crane for Sale

2 ton overhead crane for sale in Aimix group is absolutely favorable and competitive. Apart from 2 ton overhead crane, we provide other lifting capacities of bridge crane, such as 1 ton overhead crane, 5 ton overhead crane, 10 ton overhead crane, 15-ton bridge crane, 20 ton overhead crane, and 30 ton overhead crane etc.

  • There are different types for you to choose, single girder or double girder overhead crane, garage overhead crane, workshop overhead crane, industrial overhead crane, top running crane, free-standing bridge crane, and underhung crane etc.
  • All our products have been passed very strict quality inspection, what is more, our cranes have obtained a lot of international certificates.
  • Our company has won a warm reputation from our clients all over the world.
  • We have a professional purchasing guide. We can promise that you can buy a quite suitable 2-ton bridge crane.
2 ton overhead crane
AQ-HD 2 ton overhead crane

Why is the overhead crane manufacturer & exporter – Aicrane your right choice?

With the development of 55 years, Aicrane has accumulated very rich experience in the design, manufacture, and research of cranes. Comparing with other overhead crane manufacturers, we have absolute strengths.

  • First of all, our products have very high quality, and we have won a warm reputation from customers around the world. Our cranes have been successfully exported to England, Russia, the US, Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore, and Zambia etc.
  • Next, as a leading crane manufacturer in China, Aicrane provides overhead cranes with a completely reasonable price. Since Aicrane was founded, we dedicate to improving our production efficiency to reduce the average cost. And finally, our overhead crane price is quite lower than the average price in the market.
  • Thirdly, we have excellent service, both pre-service and after-sale service. We offer 24 hours online service. Besides, there is a very professional purchasing guide for customers, to make sure you can buy a correct crane for your business or home. Furthermore, a warm reception when you visit our company.
2 ton under hung overhead crane
2 ton under hung overhead crane

Finally, we suggest that we should choose a suitable overhead crane according to our actual situation, correct lifting capacity, right lifting speed, and trolley speed. Only in this way, can the overhead crane improve your work efficiency and benefit your business.

Want to know the 2 ton overhead crane price?

2 ton overhead crane prices of different suppliers are different. 2 ton overhead crane cost always the vital important factor for customers. A high-quality product should have a reasonable price. We do not promise that our company has the cheapest or the most competitive price of products, but we believe we have the most reasonable price.

2 ton crane
2 ton bridge crane

crane for sale
2 ton overhead crane

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We deem that the value of our products is equal to the price. Every one of our products has to go through a number of quality inspection procedures. Therefore, we can ensure the excellent quality of our products. Furthermore, since we were founded, we dedicate to improving our production efficiency via advanced technology and equipment. Above all, 2 ton overhead crane cost of the heavy equipment is definitely reasonable and competitive.

good crane
2 ton overhead crane for sale

Benefits of Our Small Overhead Crane

A small overhead crane is a kind of light duty crane, it is widely used in the workshop, warehouse, garage, storage yard and other places. With a lightweight, small size and fast lifting speed, it can greatly improve your working efficiency and saves your cost and time. What is more, the very high-cost performance of small overhead crane is a great benefit for customers. Small bridge crane in Aicrane consists of various types, such as 1-ton bridge crane, 5 ton crane, 10 ton overhead crane, garage overhead crane, and portable bridge crane etc. Choosing a correct light duty overhead crane, it will be a very helpful tool for your business.

2 ton crane
AQ-LD 2 ton overhead crane for sale

Aimix Group, a professional 2 ton overhead crane manufacturer, and exporter. If you are interested in our 2-ton bridge crane, please email us or leave your message below. We will be very glad to answer you as soon as quickly.

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