Ellsen Overhead Bridge Crane for Sale

For 60 years, Ellsen Overhead Bridge Crane Machinery has been making sustainable progress possible and driving positive change on every continent. Customers turn to Ellsen to help them develop infrastructure, energy and natural resource assets.With 2016 sales and revenues of $47.021 million, Ellsen is the world’s leading manufacturer of heavy duty and light duty crane, industrial crane and homemade crane, double girder bridge crane, and single girder bridge cranes. The company principally operates its main overhead bridge crane products at home and abroad.

What Types of Overhead Bridge Crane Kits Can Ellsen Overhead Bridge Crane offer to you?

Main overhead crane kits include heavy cranes, light duty cranes, single girder cranes, double girder cranes, etc. Or any other types of customized overhead bridge cranes.

Ellsen free standing bridge crane for sale

Customized free standing bridge crane for sale

Customized Free Standing Bridge Crane, a kind of light duty workstation cranes in Ellsen Overhead Bridge Crane Machinery. It is an easy and quick running ...
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LD Single Girderoverhead crane for garage

Garage crane wholesale

Garage crane is a kind of overhead crane for garage utilization. For the garage workstation usage, Ellsen specially manufactures the crane with special features. The ...
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Ellsen Homemade Shop Crane for Sale

Homemade bridge crane for sale

This homemade bridge crane also called portable gantry crane which is widely used in a family for hoisting light duty materials. Here in Ellsen, we ...
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Ellsen Home Made Crane for Sale

Small crane supplier

Small crane in Ellsen Crane Machinery include many types, which also refers to a light duty crane, such as the 1 ton crane, 5 ton ...
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HD european standard portable overhead crane for sale

Portable overhead crane for sale

Portable Overhead Crane is a type of hot sale light duty crane from Ellsen Crane machinery. With its flexible and adjustable feature, Ellsen mobile overhead ...
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HD 10t single girder top running overhead crane for sale

Top running crane for sale

Single girder top running overhead crane, double girder running bridge crane are wholesaling from Ellsen. Ellsen overhead bridge crane factory shall be responsible for the top running crane ...
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Ellsen Travelliong Crane for Sale

Travelling Crane for Sale

The Traveling crane can be widely applied in the steel mills, warehouses, workstations, plants for lifting heavy loading materials. Single Girder Overhead Travelling Crane, double ...
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Ellsen Underhung Crane for Sale

Underhung Crane for Sale

Underhung Crane, Under Hung Overhead Crane, Single girder underhung crane, Double Girder Underhung Bridge Crane for Sale In Ellsen overhead Bridge Crane Company, we can offer ...
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Ellsen Double Girder Crane for Sale

Double girder crane for sale

Double girder crane from Ellsen basic parameters and technical requirements meet the  related terms of crane bridge crane equipment tender documents the machine design in line ...
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Ellsen double girder eot overhead crane for sale

double girder eot crane manufacturer

Double Girder eot crane is a type of overhead crane from Ellsen Overhead Crane Company.About the EOT crane it is one type of light duty ...
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Ellsen Single Girder Crane for Sale

Single girder crane for sale

A single girder crane from Ellsen overhead bridge crane factory is a lifting machine with lifting hooks or other take-up devices to achieve vertical lifting and ...
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Ellsen Single Girder eot Crane for Sale

Single girder eot crane for sale

The single girder eot crane also refers to one of an electric overhead travelling crane, here in Ellsen we have the LD type electric single ...
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Ellsen 10 ton crane for sale

10 ton overhead crane for sale

In Ellsen, we can provide you many types of 10 tons overhead cranes, any working conditions if you need a 10-ton crane, come regarding our ...
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Ellsen 5 ton single girder overhead crane for sale

Overhead Crane 5 Ton for Sale

Ellsen as a top-notch bridge crane supplier in China can provide you different types of the overhead crane 5 ton, meeting your different working conditions ...
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1 ton crane with electric hoist for sale

1 ton overhead crane for sale

1 ton overhead crane is available in Ellsen Overhead Bridge Crane factory, with both single girder structure or double girder structure. The 1 ton crane ...
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Ellsen Industrial Cranes for Sale

Industrial crane for sale

Industrial crane refers to a heavy duty crane used in the industrial field for lifting heavy loading materials. Typically this type of crane is set ...
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Ellsen Heavy Duty Crane for Sale

Heavy duty crane for sale

Heavy duty crane refers to overhead cranes or bridge cranes with higher capacities over 10 tons for hoisting heavier materials in workstations, steel mills, plants, ...
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Single girder crane with grab for sale

grab crane for sale

In Ellsen Overhead Bridge Crane Factory, the factory can provide you two types of grab cranes, one is the QZ overhead crane with grab, the ...
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Ellsen 75t Double Beam Ex-proof bridge crane for sale

Explosion proof crane for sale

Explosion proof crane referred to as explosion-proof double beam bridge crane or the single beam explosion proof bridge crane, is suitable for explosive gas environment ...
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Ellsen 20 ton crane for sale

20 ton crane for sale

Ellsen Overhead bridge crane factory can customize types of 20 ton crane for your workshops facility. Customers need 20 ton overhead crane services, please be ...
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Ellsen Electromagnetic Crane for Sale

Electromagnetic cranes for sale

Ellsen Electromagnetic cranes with a removable magnetic disk, this type of electromagnetic lifting device are especially used for metallurgical plants in the indoor or open air ...
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To buy our products, what are the overhead crane prices you will take?

Most overhead crane companies do not have their own overhead bridge crane products, thus when they have clients from abroad, they need to find crane suppliers for their clients, while the crane price they will charge you will be higher than our company. That is because we have our own big and integrated overhead bridge crane factory, we can manufacture any types of cranes you need, so the prices of the overhead bridge crane we charge for you are at factory price. In addition, to meet our county’s policy, the belt and road initiative policy, we will also offer the price preference for the countries along this “road”.

Overhead Bridge Crane Installation

What overhead crane service we can supply for you?

Different from other overhead crane manufacturers, Ellsen Overhead Bridge Crane can provide our customers systematic services for their whole process of crane purchasing activity. The whole overhead crane process includes:

  • Overhead crane design: usually, most overhead bridge cranes are customized lifting equipment, since clients’ working conditions vary from person to person.When clients need customized cranes from the overhead bridge crane company, our crane engineer need make an overhead crane design solution, especially for our clients’ personalized usage.
  • Overhead crane training: if customers just start up their own business, their operator is a novice for the overhead bridge crane operation. The overhead bridge crane will offer our overhead crane training services for them, which includes overhead crane operation video, the operational manual and we can also offer our engineer to go to your working conditions providing our training services on-site.
  • Overhead Crane Inspection: Before delivering or offer our overhead bridge crane products for our clients, we have already made or received strict bridge crane inspection from all sides concerned with the crane equipment. After the crane delivered to our customers, we can also offer them crane inspection services to ensure their lifting devices working at its best performance.
  • Overhead Crane Installation: Customers need the overhead bridge crane factory to send crane engineers for overhead crane installation, should contact us before the company deliver the lifting equipment, the company will according to their demands send our crane experts to assist customers in the overhead bridge crane installation
  • Overhead crane maintenance: ensure a higher performance of the overhead bridge crane and extend the overhead bridge crane service life, we also provide our maintenance service for our overhead bridge crane customers.The sophisticated overhead crane engineer will provide their excellent crane maintenance experiences, skills, and suggestions.

Any interests in our overhead bridge crane kits, and any help you need our overhead bridge crane factory or you want to forge a long term cooperation relationship with our factory, be free to contact us.

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